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Live From The Lab: Season 6

Friendz World Music - "Triba / Bao / Kuku"

Friendz World Music - "Mamaya / Lamba / Guinea Fare / Mane"

Friendz World Music - "Dja"

Rebecca Haviland - "57 Chevy"

Rebecca Haviland - "Bourbon"

Rebecca Haviland - "Collide With Me"

Hayley Reardon & Pau Figueres - "After You"

Hayley Reardon & Pau Figueres - "Alive"

Hayley Reardon & Pau Figueres - "In The Good Light"

Hayley Reardon & Pau Figueres - "Something's Gonna Hurt"

Mipso - "People Change"

Mipso - "Your Body"

Mipso - "Caroline"

Mipso - "Wallpaper Baby"

Mikaela Davis and Southern Star - "Dont Stop Now"

Mikaela Davis and Southern Star - "Cinderella"

Mikaela Davis and Southern Star - "Home In The Country"

Mikaela Davis and Southern Star - "Promise"

John Morgan Kimock "Hikikomori > Love Does"

John Morgan Kimock "Procession"

John Morgan Kimock "Negative Space > Speed"

Click the links below to start downloading the multitracks.

NOTE: The .zip files for these multitracks range between 200 MB and 2.5 GB

Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "Numb"
Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "You Can't Take It Back"
Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "Silent Waves"
Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "Drowning"
Nikola Stajic & Vasilis Kostas - "Nalim"
The Penniless Wild - "Closer"
The Penniless Wild - "Seat Back"
The Penniless Wild - "Cardboard Sheets"
The Penniless Wild
- "Car Crash"
Naugatuck High School Percussion Ensemble - "Guyute"
The Great Enough - "Bowerbirds"
The Great Enough - "Die Young"
The Great Enough - "Inexplicable"
The Great Enough - "Sad Boy, Soldier On"
Kat Wright - "By My Side"
Kat Wright - "Contact"
Kat Wright - "I Do"
Kat Wright - "The River"
Matt Szlachetka - "Heart Of My Home Town"
Matt Szlachetka - "Ready To Run Again"
Matt Szlachetka - "Crawling Back To You"
Pretty Saro - "Saltspring"
Pretty Saro - "Hindsight"
Pretty Saro - "Carolina In The Pines"
Pretty Saro - "Did You Not Hear Me"
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "There Are No Shadows In L.A."
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "Show Yourself"
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "You Got This"
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "High Note"

Barnstar! - "You Don't Know"
Barnstar! - "Witness"
Barnstar! - "Boulder On My Back"
Barnstar! - "Believer"
Hayley Jane - "If Looks Could Kill"
Hayley Jane - "Oh My Omar"
Hayley Jane - "Colorado"
Hayley Jane - "Stay Asleep"
Six Fox Whiskey - "Seven Stops"
Six Fox Whiskey - "Hope And The Sea"
West End Blend - "Must Be Voodoo"
West End Blend - "Kane Guru"
West End Blend - "Mama Said Be Good"
West End Blend - "Baby Be Mine" (Michael Jackson Cover)"
Plywood Cowboy - "Miss Perception"
Plywood Cowboy - "Last Night's Gig"
Plywood Cowboy - "Heartbreak Ready To Fall"
Plywood Cowboy - "Silver Mountain"
The Western Den - "Spark, Set Fire"
The Western Den - "Hem"
The Western Den - "Like You Do"
The Western Den - "Artiface"
Deadgrass - "Uncle John's Band"
Deadgrass - "Mission In The Rain"
Deadgrass - "Walls"
Deadgrass -
"Help On The Way - Slipknot! - Franklin’s Tower"
Leslie Mendelson - "Coney Island"
Leslie Mendelson - "Don't Get Me Wrong"
Leslie Mendelson - "Love You Tonight"
Leslie Mendelson - "The Hardest Part"
Candlebox - "Happy Pills"
Candlebox - "Sometimes"
Candlebox - "Surrendering"
Candlebox - "Sweet Summer Time"
Candlebox - "Vexatious"