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Live From The Lab: Season 5

The LIVE FROM THE LAB live music video series is recorded and filmed at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik's facility in South Windsor, CT. Each session is tracked live exclusively with TELEFUNKEN microphones and features unique performances from a variety of local, regional, national, and international artists and ensembles.

The multitrack audio files from these sessions are available for free download via clickable links below the individual performance videos. All audio files are presented in .WAV format and were recorded at 24bit / 48KHz sample rate. They are clearly labeled in the same format with the source listed first (LEAD VOX, ACOUSTIC, PIANO), followed by the microphone used (C12, AR-51, etc) and can be downloaded and imported into your Digital Audio Workstation of choice.

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Nicole Zuraitis - "Night In Tunisia"

Nicole Zuraitis - "Moon River"

Nicole Zuraitis - "River"

Kris Allen's Charlie Parker Centennial Celebration - "Repetition"

Kris Allen's Charlie Parker Centennial Celebration - "Bird Bailey"

Kris Allen's Charlie Parker Centennial Celebration - "Bird Lives"

Thana Alexa & Antonio Sanchez Duo - "Improv > Bad Hombre y Mujeres"

Thana Alexa & Antonio Sanchez Duo - "ONA"

Thana Alexa & Antonio Sanchez Duo - "Teardrop"

West End Blend - "Love Having You Around"

Click the links below to start downloading the multitracks.

NOTE: The .zip files for these multitracks range between 200 MB and 2.5 GB

Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "Numb"
Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "You Can't Take It Back"
Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "Silent Waves"
Jen Hartswick & Nick Cassarino - "Drowning"
Nikola Stajic & Vasilis Kostas - "Nalim"
The Penniless Wild - "Closer"
The Penniless Wild - "Seat Back"
The Penniless Wild - "Cardboard Sheets"
The Penniless Wild
- "Car Crash"
Naugatuck High School Percussion Ensemble - "Guyute"
The Great Enough - "Bowerbirds"
The Great Enough - "Die Young"
The Great Enough - "Inexplicable"
The Great Enough - "Sad Boy, Soldier On"
Kat Wright - "By My Side"
Kat Wright - "Contact"
Kat Wright - "I Do"
Kat Wright - "The River"
Matt Szlachetka - "Heart Of My Home Town"
Matt Szlachetka - "Ready To Run Again"
Matt Szlachetka - "Crawling Back To You"
Pretty Saro - "Saltspring"
Pretty Saro - "Hindsight"
Pretty Saro - "Carolina In The Pines"
Pretty Saro - "Did You Not Hear Me"
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "There Are No Shadows In L.A."
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "Show Yourself"
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "You Got This"
Megan Slankard & Alex Wong - "High Note"

Barnstar! - "You Don't Know"
Barnstar! - "Witness"
Barnstar! - "Boulder On My Back"
Barnstar! - "Believer"
Hayley Jane - "If Looks Could Kill"
Hayley Jane - "Oh My Omar"
Hayley Jane - "Colorado"
Hayley Jane - "Stay Asleep"
Six Fox Whiskey - "Seven Stops"
Six Fox Whiskey - "Hope And The Sea"
West End Blend - "Must Be Voodoo"
West End Blend - "Kane Guru"
West End Blend - "Mama Said Be Good"
West End Blend - "Baby Be Mine" (Michael Jackson Cover)"
Plywood Cowboy - "Miss Perception"
Plywood Cowboy - "Last Night's Gig"
Plywood Cowboy - "Heartbreak Ready To Fall"
Plywood Cowboy - "Silver Mountain"
The Western Den - "Spark, Set Fire"
The Western Den - "Hem"
The Western Den - "Like You Do"
The Western Den - "Artiface"
Deadgrass - "Uncle John's Band"
Deadgrass - "Mission In The Rain"
Deadgrass - "Walls"
Deadgrass -
"Help On The Way - Slipknot! - Franklin’s Tower"
Leslie Mendelson - "Coney Island"
Leslie Mendelson - "Don't Get Me Wrong"
Leslie Mendelson - "Love You Tonight"
Leslie Mendelson - "The Hardest Part"
Candlebox - "Happy Pills"
Candlebox - "Sometimes"
Candlebox - "Surrendering"
Candlebox - "Sweet Summer Time"
Candlebox - "Vexatious"