Announcing Design Improvements to the M80 and M81 Dynamic Microphones

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is celebrating 10 years of production of the flagship M80 handheld dynamic microphone. In honor of this, TELEFUNKEN is rolling out new mechanical design improvements to all M80 and M81 dynamic microphones through 2019. Over the last decade TELEFUNKEN has expanded production of its line in South Windsor, Connecticut, proudly assembling all microphones in the USA. With numerous improvements to the quality and manufacturing process, the revised M80, M80 Black, M81 and newly introduced M81 Gray will begin shipping in May 2019.

Keeping the same sonic design, new features include an updated body tube, quality finishes, and headgrille construction. Users will experience decreased handling noise in live handheld applications with a new capsule isolation mount design. The upgraded M80 Black and M81 Gray finishes boast a more comfortable and durable metallic paint.

The model designation is now displayed on the body of the microphone to quickly tell the difference between M80 and M81 in any finish. To round it out, the new headgrille features a more robust build and thicker wire mesh. These improvements give you a stronger microphone construction to easily withstand the wear and tear of gigging.

The new production models employ the same capsule and transformer combination that has gained the M80 and M81 its reputation of a condenser-like response and superior off-axis rejection. With its super-cardioid pickup pattern, the M80 and M81 exhibit minimal proximity effect and high SPL handling.

The new production units of the TELEFUNKEN M80 and M81 can be identified by their updated product packaging. Original production packaging includes a photo of a microphone in a clip. New 2019 production packaging includes a photo of a microphone WITHOUT a clip.

Offered in an array of solid color, metallic, and wood print finishes, the Dynamic Series handheld microphones have garnered attention as a way for artists to customize their stage aesthetic and look. The TELEFUNKEN Custom Shop now offers 15 finishes for each model with hundreds of different body/head grille color combinations.  These new design updates will be implemented into the Solid Color, Metal, Wood and Custom Shop Dynamic Series finishes later in 2019.


The M80 was introduced in 2008 and began gaining fans across both live and studio environments quickly. Early M80 enthusiasts include Green Day, Snoop Dogg, Phish, The Beach Boys, Counting Crows, among many others. The M81 Universal Dynamic followed suit, earning a TEC Award in 2013 for Microphone Technology / Sound Reinforcement. Other notable artists using the M80 and M81 include Steely Dan, Rush, Jason Derulo, Death Cab For Cutie, Justin Bieber and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

With the M80’s natural, subtle rise in the high end and the M81’s smooth, articulate midrange, the versatility of the Dynamic Series has been developed into a range of products. Today, the M80 and M81 are available in wireless head capsules and low-profile packages, also featured in Drum Pack configurations.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik will continue providing the industry with premium dynamic microphones for nearly any application with the new and improved M80 and M81.

Live From the Lab

TELEFUNKEN provides these multitrack audio files for the sole purpose of allowing individuals an opportunity to utilize them for home studio use and for educational purposes only.

No commercial use is permitted.  Any commercial use or reuse is strictly forbidden.

By downloading any track hereunder the user agrees to properly attribute all copyrights and to display the following on any non-commercial reuse of the video and multitrack audio files as follows:

All audio files have been engineered and recorded by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik and are presented for educational and demonstrational purposes only.

Live From the Lab

The LIVE FROM THE LAB live music video series is recorded and filmed at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s facility in South Windsor, CT. Each session is tracked live exclusively with TELEFUNKEN microphones and features unique performances from a variety of local, regional, national, and international artists and ensembles.

The multitrack audio files from these sessions are available for free download via clickable links below the individual performance videos. All audio files are presented in .WAV format and were recorded at 24bit / 48KHz sample rate. They are clearly labeled in the same format with the source listed first (LEAD VOX, ACOUSTIC, PIANO), followed by the microphone used (C12, AR-51, etc) and can be downloaded and imported into your Digital Audio Workstation of choice.

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