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TF29 Copperhead Stereo Set

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is proud to offer matched stereo sets of the TF29 Copperhead microphones.  Each system features a custom dual power supply capable of powering both microphones at one time, and a special locking flight case that will carry both sets of microphones, cables, wooden boxes, and the dual power supply.

Stereo microphone techniques are often used for recording classical music and large signal
sources like orchestra, choirs, and large chamber groups. They can also effectively be used on
drum overheads, acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion.

The TELEFUNKEN TF29 Stereo Set will allow versed recording engineers a variety of stereo
recording techniques, including X/Y coincidental pairs or A/B spaced pairs. The TF29 features a
new old stock American-made 5654W vacuum tube, all-brass K67-style capsule, and a premium
Swedish-made Lundahl output transformer. These components create a balanced frequency
response and natural tonality, making the TF29 a trusty go-to choice.

Every TF29 Copperhead Stereo Set system comes with two sonically matched microphones, a
fixed pattern dual M 960S Power Supply, (2x) M 803 Tube Microphone Cables, (2x) M 703
Elastic Shock Mounts, (2x) Microphone Sleeves, and a Locking Flight Case. All the electronic
components in each system are matched sonically and electronically, including matched
capsules, transformers, and vacuum tubes.