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Don Gunn Rocks With TELEFUNKEN

Dynamic Mics and LDC Vintage Reissues

Seattle, WA, August 2016 – Don Gunn is an enterprising recording/mixing engineer, producer, drummer, and programmer, based in Seattle. With credits that include Soundgarden, Peter Frampton, Death Cab for Cutie, and scores of others, Gunn relies heavily on his dynamic and condenser TELEFUNKEN microphones.

“The core of my drum sound starts with an M80 dynamic on the snare, an M82 in the kick drum, and a pair of CU-29 Copperheads for overheads,” Gunn explains. “This gives me the foundation for a larger-than-life sounding drum kit.”

Active at many recording studios, including Studio Litho, Jupiter, The Hall of Justice, Red Room, London Bridge, Avast!, and Electrokitty, Gunn also has his own studio, The Office, a single-room spot he uses mainly for mixing and tracking smaller-scale projects.

Gunn elaborates on his well-known bass sound, “Since I’ve started using the Copperheads on bass guitar cabinets, I no longer use the DI signal in the mix to make up for what I always found lacking when miking bass amps.” He also employs his large diaphragm Copperheads for vocals. “At a recent vocal mic shootout with a powerful male singer, the Copperhead was by far the obvious winner. I am ridiculously impressed with these mics.”

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