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Brett Allen Nabs First TELEFUNKEN U47/48 Studio Set for SnowGhost

Montana Studio and Music Company Now Has Assortment of Matched TFunk Pairs

Pictured is SnowGhost studio’s Brett Allen with his collection of classic TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphones. Whitefish, MT, September, 2011 – Brett Allen, producer/engineer and founder of Montana’s SnowGhost Studios, has purchased the first U47/48 large diaphragm tube microphone Studio Set.

SnowGhost also has matched pairs of ELA M251 and C12 microphones, as well as TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s most exotic microphone, a modern replica of the rare ELA M270 stereo tube mic. SnowGhost is a full working studio featuring an all-analog SSL 9048K console, Studer 24-track tape machine, plate reverb, Sonoma 24-track DSD digital recording, Pro Tools HD, 80 terabytes of network storage, and a sizable stash of classic outboard gear and premium microphones. SnowGhost is also an independent music service that records and distributes both new and established artists.

The new TELEFUNKEN U47/48 Studio Set features the classic U47, which utilizes both cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, as well as the U48, which utilizes both cardioid and figure-8 polar patterns. The two mics combined provide a wide variety of recording techniques, including M-S stereo applications. The set also includes one dual-microphone power supply.

“Lately, we have been smitten using omni patterns in pop productions with our new Telefunken U47,” commented SnowGhost principal Brett Allen. “Fantastic space, and a sense of bass without the proximity. Of course if it’s proximity you want, the cardioid pattern on the U47 can’t be beat. Add a matched U48 to the equation, with the figure-8 pattern, and you have the ultimate mid-side combination.”

Originally introduced in 1958, the version now offered by TELEFUNKEN is the first to have matched microphones. The U47/U48 capsules are hand-selected and tested for consistent performance in TELEFUNKEN’s Connecticut laboratory, along with matched custom BV8 output transformers, VF14K tubes, and premium resistors and capacitors.

Brett Allen adds, “The U47/U48 M-S array stays set up on a starbird stand with wheels, so that we can roll it around for everything from piano to backing vocals, keeping a strong center image, with a choice of how much room to bring in. These mics, in this setup, give SnowGhost the upper hand when time and flexibility are of the essence. Well done!”

SnowGhost artists record in the picturesque mountains of Montana, hence the studio name derived from the local term for ice and snow-encrusted trees. The SnowGhost recording experience also includes performance showcases at Whitefish venues that are documented in HD video and made available alongside hi-res finished music recordings at the company website.