Nathan Pacheco and Leo-Z Choose New TELEFUNKEN 251T

Rising Pop/Operatic Star Shines in New Disney Pearl Album

Pictured is Nathan Pecheco with TELEFUNKEN’S new ELA M251T at EASTWEST Recording Studios in Hollywood.  Photo by David Goggin.

Hollywood, CA, August, 2011 – Rising pop/operatic star Nathan Pacheco and producer/composer Leo-Z picked the new TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik ELA M 251T large diaphragm, vintage tube, condenser microphone for Pacheco’s debut on the Disney Pearl Series label.  The album was recorded with full orchestra at Air Lyndhurst in London, at EASTWEST recording studios in Hollywood, and at Leo-Z’s private studio, and was mixed by the renowned Michael Brauer.
“We recorded vocals with the 251T and as an artist I couldn’t ask for anything more,” commented Pacheco, a native of Washington, D.C. “The songs have such a huge dynamic range – in the verse there is a breathy intimate sound and on the high notes you are really belting it out.  The 251 captures it all.  You don’t lose anything in the recording and it allows for full artistic expression.”
TELEFUNKEN’s ELA M 251T features the new Alloy 2213(tm) capsule membrane material, an amalgam of Titanium and Aluminum, which was originally developed for the aerospace industry.  The new capsule provides greater accuracy in the low frequency ranges of the audio spectrum by attaining a higher damping factor to the motion of the membrane. Alloy 2213(tm) is lighter than gold, and when combined with the edge terminated CK-12 system provides an “airy” and “delicate” representation of the upper ranges of the audio spectrum. This affords the user a higher degree of detail in the recorded sound while still providing the depth of audio for which ELA M 251 microphones have been associated for decades.

Nathan Pacheco gained national attention as the featured performer in the Disney Pearl released Yanni Voices project.  Nathan has been featured on two Yanni Voices albums released internationally, two PBS television specials, one global television special and numerous USA network appearances.  He then joined Yanni and his orchestra as a featured performer on a tour of 100 concerts throughout Latin America, Canada, and the USA.

“It wasn’t easy to find the right microphone for Nathan,” explained multi-platinum producer Leo-Z, who has also worked with Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. “He has a magical soft tone, but can be extremely powerful in an operatic way.  With the 251, his voice cuts through the sound of the orchestra, yet remains smooth and clear.”

Nathan Pacheco recently performed for Hollywood’s A-List elite and a showcase for HRH Prince Charles at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. introduced his new album.  Now at the completion of his Disney Pearl Series debut album, Nathan is set to launch his first solo album, supported with television appearances and concert touring throughout Europe, the UK and America in early 2012.

Follow Nathan at:  http://NathanPacheco.com

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The TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251T System comes complete with capsule, amplifier, power supply, and 4-year warranty.  Included in the package are a stand-mount cable connector, ruggedly built power supply, wooden microphone box, and a classic leather bound locking tweed flight case.


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