Bil VornDick Purchases Pair of Telefunken | USA Ela M260 Mics

Renowned Engineer/Producer Records Nashville Luminaries

Nashville, TN, May, 2008 – After extensive testing, popular Nashville engineer/producer Bil VornDick has purchased a pair of Telefunken | USA’s small capsule Ela M260 condenser microphones.  This new version of the classic 1959 microphone features a New Old Stock Telefunken EF-732 tube and a custom wound transformer from AMI/TAB-Funkenwerk.

“When I was recording Rodney Crowell’s acoustic guitar,” recalls VornDick. “I was getting a bright and slightly harsh sound from other mics, so I tried the new Telefunken with a cardioid capsule and it worked great the first time out of the box.”

The Ela M260 comes complete with a set of three interchangeable capsules (cardioid, hyper-cardioid and omni) as well as an adaptor to allow the use of most AKG CK series capsules along with other capsules made by Red / B.L.U.E. and JZ / Violet.

“Next up, I was recording Charlie Haden’s standup bass in a room with Jerry Douglas, Brian Sutton, Bela Fleck, Pat Metheny, and Bruce Hornsby,” VornDick continues.  “I switched to the hyper-cardioid capsule and put the mic near the top side of his bass because I wanted to target his sound and minimize leakage from the piano and other instruments in the room.  An engineer’s hardest battle is making the musicians feel on playback that the instrument sounds like it did when they were playing.  Charlie listened back and wanted to take the microphone home with him, so I scored a home run with him.”

VornDick is a graduate of Nashville’s Belmont College with a degree in Music Business.  In a career spanning three decades, he has recorded over 500 albums, with 45 Grammy nods and eight winners.  His long credit list includes Bob Dylan, Ralph Stanley, Rhonda Vincent, John Oates, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, T. Bone Burnett, and among scores of other top artists, Alison Krauss, whose career he developed and whose albums he produced as well as engineered.

“Recently, I was working with the Lovell Sisters and put a pair of 260s on the dobro using the cardioid capsule and I was just stunned,” VornDick continues.  “I have been using my pair of vintage Neumann U-67s for years but these new mics easily did the job better than ever before.”

The new Telefunken | USA Ela M260 system includes a wooden microphone box, 10-meter Gotham Audio cable, shock mount, mic clip, owner’s manual, and a fully transferable 10-year warranty.

“The 260s have a nice smooth texture,” VornDick explains, “so if your are working with an instrument that is a little harsh or too bright, it gently smoothes it out.  Here’s another example: if you’re not careful when recording a mandolin, you get undesirable overtones between the bridge and the tailpiece that have nothing to do with the tempered scale.  But I put the 260 about six inches away and got a perfect sound.  I’m looking forward to using these mics on a hammered dulcimer, which in my opinion is the hardest instrument to record.”

The new Ela M 260 from Telefunken | USA is an exceptionally versatile microphone which exhibits the same sought after qualities found in its historic namesake, including a frequency response that accommodates an extremely wide range of applications.  As drum overheads and on acoustic instruments of all types, the Ela M260 responds exceedingly well, providing especially life-like results.


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