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13-Year-Old Juliana Wilson Soars With TELEFUNKEN

Performing at 2016 She Rocks Summer NAMM Showcase

Nashville, TN, Summer NAMM 2016 –

13-year-old Juliana Wilson will be performing at this year’s Summer NAMM “She Rocks” showcase. Wilson has been developing her unique musical style for two years with producer Matty Amendola of 825 Records and his TELEFUNKEN AK-47 MkII large diaphragm tube microphone.

“In 2014 I was given a song and immediately put in a room and asked to sing into a bunch of different microphones,” Wilson explains. “As nervous as I was, I felt relieved the second I heard my voice through one particular mic.” Producer Amendola describes the recording process as “a near cosmic arrangement with Wilson’s warm natural tone in combination with immersive ambient backdrops and indie-driven pop sensibility.”

With an extensive collection of new and vintage mics compiled by Amendola and Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch Jones, Amendola still finds his way back to the AK-47 MkII most regularly. “Even when Juliana’s voice strengthened during the two years of working with her, it still beat every mic in the closet. Her exquisite tone was reproduced on the other side of the glass as if I were sitting next to her. The intimacy of her unique tone is what led to me signing her in the first place,” Amendola recalls.

“13-year-old Juliana Wilson is the next big thing” – Girls’ Life Magazine
“Expected to pique the interest of music supervisors worldwide” – Music Connection Magazine

24-hour streams of Wilson’s new music and a video display her command of universal narratives with intense personal perspectives. Her debut full length video “Blah Blah Blah” is slated for a Summer release. See a preview here:

She Rocks Summer NAMM Showcase:
Experience TELEFUNKEN mics at Summer NAMM Booth #422