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Virtual Soundstage Experience

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik presents the Virtual Soundstage, an online immersive studio environment that lets you experience TELEFUNKEN products across multiple vocal and instrumental sources. Audio and video samples have been compiled to provide different examples of TELEFUNKEN products in use on different genres and styles.

We encourage you to explore and enjoy this virtual 360 space, along with the extensive library of YouTube video and multi-track audio downloads. Audition the Diamond and Alchemy Series microphones on vocals, or listen to the Dynamic and Small Diaphragm Series microphones on drums, electric guitar, bass and piano.

Download the audio files from each of the four instrumental performances and create your own mixes to hear how these TELEFUNKEN products perform. Or download the audio files from the vocal comparison session to hear the unique differences of the large diaphragm condensers on some familiar voices and songs.


To enjoy the maximum VR experience here on the Virtual Soundstage, please choose Yes to “Enable audio” and click the gray FULL SCREEN icon   in the icon column on the right side of the screen after the music starts.

Vocal Microphone Comparison Videos (playlist)

(Download Size: 419.0 MB)

Instrumental Performance Videos (Funk, Rock, Jazz & Pop)

"Funk Jam"

(Download Size: 193.7 MB)

"Jazz Jam"

(Download Size: 231.4 MB)

"Rock Jam"

(Download Size: 220.0 MB)

"Pop Jam"

(Download Size: 356.4 MB)

Additional Immersive Studio Experiences

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has partnered up with Power Station New England and the band Ripe to let you experience their products like never before. An entire multitrack recording session has been 3D mapped and turned into an interactive environment so you see and hear first hand TELEFUNKEN microphones in action. Follow the link below.