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TELEFUNKEN Re-Introduces the TEC AWARD winning ELA M 260 at NAMM

Pictured is the TELEFUNKEN ELA M 260 Cardioid small diaphragm tube microphone system
Pictured is the TELEFUNKEN ELA M 260 Cardioid small diaphragm tube microphone system

Anaheim, January 2020, NAMM — TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik of South Windsor, CT is re-introducing the TEC Award winning (2010) ELA M 260 small diaphragm tube microphone at NAMM 2020.

Now available in five configurations including the following: ELA M 260 Cardioid Set, and ELA M 260 Cardioid Stereo Set, both featuring the TK60 Cardioid capsule, as well as the ELA M 260 Master Set, ELA M 260 Master Stereo Set, and the ELA M 260 Tri-Mono Set, all featuring the TK60 Cardioid, TK61 Omnidirectional and TK62 Hypercardioid capsules.

One of the few small diaphragm tube microphones available today, the ELA M 260 is an absolute first choice for acoustic instrument recording. Everything from stringed instruments to drum overheads will benefit from the 260’s perfect combination of small diaphragm precision and classic tube warmth. While not a historically accurate reproduction of the original ELA M 260 like the Diamond Series microphones, the new production ELA M 260 is still built with the same attention to detail and level of quality that would be expected from a TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphone.

In use, the ELA M 260 has plenty of tone with excellent detail and clarity. It captures sources with a natural presence, making it a fantastic tool for recording acoustic instruments of all types. Violin, cello, upright bass, drum overheads, percussion, woodwinds, saxophones, strings, and especially acoustic guitar all shine through the ELA M 260. Also, despite its size, it has also served well on vocal applications. Its unique tonal character is very well suited for a myriad of applications, both traditional and not.

Hand-built in the USA, the ELA M 260 is designed around a NOS 5840W vacuum tube and a custom American-made output transformer. The updated circuit features premium quality polystyrene and electrolytic capacitors hand-plugged with a new board layout optimized for shortest distance traces to reduce impedance and noise floor. The ELA M 260 Cardioid and Master Set now ship with the newly designed American-built M 902 power supply, boasting improved RF and noise rejection, in a sleek zipper case. Stereo Sets (Cardioid and Master available) and Tri-Mono (Decca Tree) packages include an American-made dual or three-channel power supply capable of powering all microphones, and matched thread-on interchangeable capsules in a premium flight case.

All 260 systems include a M 860 25’ dual-shielded Accusound TX-7 tube microphone cable with right angle female XLR and M 761 elastic shock mount per microphone, capsules, and an American-assembled power supply in a premium case. The combination of these features yields a small diaphragm microphone that is unique while also bearing the qualities of the vintage microphones that it was based upon.

MAP pricing:

ELA M 260 CARDIOID - $1295

ELA M 260 MASTER SET -  $1495



ELA M 260 TRI-MONO SET - $4295 

Hear the entire line of TELEFUNKEN mics at AES Booth #15121

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