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Open account will be provided upon approval of credit application by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik. Please allow 30 days for processing.

If a payment made to TELEFUNKEN USA is returned due to insufficient funds, all discounts will be revoked and a $25.00 service charge will be assessed. If it becomes necessary to place an account into collection, any and all collection fees will be the responsibility of the account holder.

TELEFUNKEN USA, LLC reserves the right to re-evaluate credit status and refuse shipment and/or revoke credit approval if any open account terms are violated.

I certify that I am an authorized agent for the institution submitting this applications, and that all of the information contained herein is accurate and true.

I fully understand TELEFUNKEN's credit terms and agree to make proper payments to TELEFUNKEN USA, LLC. I understand that all merchandise purchased from TELEFUNKEN USA, LLC will be exempt from bankruptcy.

Upon approval, this dealership will remain pending for a period of 60 days unless activated with an opening order. Dealership approval is canceled for accounts that are not activated.