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Kenny Chesney’s FOH Chris Rabold Chooses TELEFUNKEN

Sean Paddock’s Drums Use M80 and M82 Dynamic and M60 FET Mics

Pictured during Kenny Chesney’s “The Big Revival” tour is FOH engineer Chris Rabold with his TELEFUNKEN M80 and M60 FET microphones.

South Windsor, CT, August 2015 – For this summer’s “The Big Revival” tour, Kenny Chesney made 57 stops, with 18 stadium shows, including Soldier Field, the Rose Bowl and San Francisco’s new Levi Stadium. This massive tour was the second for FOH mix engineer Chris Rabold, working with Nashville’s’ Morris Light and Sound. To get the unmistakable sound of Sean Paddock’s powerful drumming, Rabold employed TELEFUNKEN M80 and M82 dynamic mics and the company’s new M60 FET condenser mics.

Rabold began his career with a brief stint on the road with Widespread Panic before he entered the audio program at Middle Tennessee State University.  He honed his mixing skills at regional gigs before getting the call from Widespread Panic again, then stayed on the road for 11 years before working with Lady Gaga, The Fray, Beyoncé, and then with Kenny Chesney.

Rabold describes his mic selection for drummer Sean Paddock during the Chesney tour, which started in March and just concluded this past August 29 at the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA: “For Sean’s kick drum, I like TELEFUNKEN’s M82 dynamic.  The snares are miked with TELEFUNKEN M80s that work as a top or bottom mic. The overheads are these awesome new TELEFUNKEN M60 FET mics — it’s amazing that a small-diaphragm mic could sound that fat.  Sean recently was voted Drum Magazine’s 2015 Drummer of the Year. He is also a big fan of TELEFUNKEN mics and the sounds we get are absolutely collaborative.”

FOH Chris Rabold worked with production manager Ed Wannebo for the historic Kenny Chesney 2015 ”The Big Revival” summer tour.