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John “Goldfinger” Feldmann Chooses Telefunken USA Matched Pair

Pictured in his LA studio is producer/engineer John Feldmann and his matched pair of Telefunken USA microphones.  Photo by David Goggin.

Los Angeles, CA, June, 2006 – John Feldman, frontman of the enduring band Goldfinger, has purchased a perfectly matched pair of Telefunken USA’s new R-F-T M16 MkII microphones for his Foxy Studios in LA. The M16 is one of a new line of affordable microphones which faithfully recreate the legendary vintage Telefunken sound.

“After auditioning more than 30 microphones, I finally settled on these new Telefunken mics,” explains Feldmann.  “We do a lot of recording here at Foxy Studios and I especially wanted a dedicated pair of overhead mics for the drums.  These M16s have a very warm, very organic sound with a real nice top end.  For instance, with the cymbals I don’t have to spend so much time mixing every splash and little ride bell.  It’s all there, and with a matched pair I am getting beautifully balanced stereo imagery.”

Telefunken USA’s new microphones provide an exceptionally clean and warm tone, substantial gain, extraordinary low end and extended high frequency response, while preserving the classic tube sound Telefunken microphones are known for.  Telefunken USA’s new line of R-F-T large diaphragm condenser microphones offers a lower cost alternative to the renowned Telefunken USA microphones which have gained popularity among today’s top producers, engineers and musicians.

As one of LA’s most successful A&R executives, Feldmann has signed, produced, engineered and mixed such Platinum groups as The Used and Story of the Year.  He has also engineered, produced and co-written with artists such as Good Charlotte and Hillary Duff.  After playing 385 Goldfinger shows in 1996, Feldmann and his band broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the most shows ever in one year for a touring band.

Feldmann uses a Manley 2-channel all tube mic preamplifier for his M16s.  His Pro tools HD-equipped studio houses racks and racks of vintage outboard gear, as well as new staples like the Universal Audio 6176 reissue compressor/limiter.  Monitors include Genelec 1031s, Yamaha NS-10s, Aurotones, and large Dynaudio Acoustics AIR 25s.  “When the label is here with the band and we’re listening to my mixes,” Feldman remarks, “I crank up the Dynaudio’s because I don’t want them talking to each other.  They can appreciate the detail I get with these new Telefunken mics.”