Genelec & Telefunken Present Two Nights of Immersive Audio Events

Custom soundstage at Telefunken HQ in Connecticut serves as venue for education, discussion and demonstrations. Custom soundstage at Telefunken HQ in Connecticut serves as venue for education, discussion and demonstrations.

Late in February, Genelec and Telefunken co-presented two evening events on the topic of immersive audio in the custom-built soundstage (2,500 square feet, with a 30-foot ceiling) at Telefunken’s U.S. headquarters in South Windsor, CT.

The first event was tailored to industry pros, while the second event was an “education night” focused on tools for students and educators, with a large array of Genelec active monitors delivering the immersive audio. The system included Genelec 8361A Smart active monitors for the L-C-R channels, 8351A monitors for side and rear channels, 8341As for overheads, and 7380A subwoofers for LFE. Two Genelec 9301 multichannel interfaces digitally linked the system.

Greg Tobler served as guest engineer at the first event, deconstructing some recent mixes he had done in the Dolby Atmos format. He was able to build up an immersive mix, explaining each step of the process for attendees, who were able to hear the results in real time.

Genelec marketing manager Will Eggleston also presented, giving an overview of the company’s various options as well as the philosophy for building immersive audio monitoring systems. Nate Mars from Electronic Music Collective followed, performing a live set of electronic music in the immersive format, mixing in real time employing Ableton Live and a Dante network.

The second event had such strong attendance that it was broken into two sessions to accommodate the crowd. The program ran similar to the first, with the addition of Mark Chessler from Dolby discussing the role of Atmos in the industry as well as Genelec director of educational services Dave Maclaughlin explaining the company’s role in the education space.

Alan Venitosh, director of operations at Telefunken Elektroakustik, noted, “Partnering with Genelec on an immersive Atmos demonstration was a prime example of the type of event we are looking to host in our new soundstage and public use space. I think everyone who attended felt like they left the event with some great insight and knowledge on both Genelec’s monitors and equipment, as well as the professional and consumer applications of Dolby’s Atmos technology.

I would also like to add that Telefunken has been utilizing Genelec monitors in our studio control rooms and laboratory space for almost 20 years, and we were delighted to have their team on our soundstage demonstrating this advanced audio technology. The icing on the cake for us was having engineer Greg Tobler demonstrate a live mix of a song recorded on Telefunken soundstage a few days earlier. What an experience to hear and see the surround sound panning technology, reverbs and effects in action – through Genelec speakers.”

Left to right: Paul Stewart of Genelec, guest engineer Greg Tobler, and Alan Venitosh of Telefunken presenting at the immersive audio events.

Paul Stewart, Genelec Inc. Senior Technical Sales Manager, adds, “One of the great things about trade shows and industry events is to talk shop with other brands we admire. Telefunken, also based in the Northeast, is an industry friend, and many times over the years we have floated the idea of holding a joint event that combines both of our companies’ expertise and resources, and I’m extremely proud that we made it happen with this two-day symposium on immersive audio. We hope attendees all learned something new and left with an enhanced appreciation for immersive audio and the tools that our brands offer in that realm.”

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