FOH Colin Lorne Picks TELEFUNKEN for Mayday Parade

South Windsor, CT, December 2023 –Eclectic rockers Mayday Parade recently performed and filmed at TELEFUNKEN’s Soundstage. The band’s performance was tracked with a full complement of the company’s microphones. Colin Lorne, who is the band’s FOH mixer on the road, recorded the performance and also mixed the tracks for the new series.

Founded 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida, Mayday Parade launched their career with the EP “Tales Told by Dead Friends” in 2006 and sold over 50,000 copies with no label support. In July 2007, the band released their debut album “A Lesson in Romantics.” Having been signed to Fearless Records since 2006, the band signed onto major label Atlantic Records in 2009.

Colin Lorne describes his typical TELEFUNKEN mic selection while on tour as FOH engineer, “Telefunken is well known for some of the finest microphones for studio recording,” says Lorne, “but their selection for live recording is unbeatable. I’ve been a huge fan of M81s on vocals since the first time I used them because of how smooth and clear they sound. I especially like their dynamic mics for all my drum shells: M80 on snare top and M81 on bottom is a match made in heaven. M82’s on my toms made a huge difference out front/in the ears and need considerably less work to get the sound I want. The M60’s on overheads and hat are also super crisp and have astounding clarity/lack of harshness and really help bring cymbals into the mix without being too abrasive. I use an Allen and Heath SQ5 out front, along with a little help from my Waves package.”


A 2014 graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona, Colin Lorne then relocated to Chicago where he worked at Raxtrax Studio and made his way into the touring world with a local production company. In 2016, he went out on tour and has been a successful FOH engineer ever since.

Photo by Jacob Moniz.

Mayday Parade’s second studio album, “Anywhere But Here,” was released in October 2009 and their third album, entitled “Mayday Parade,” was released in 2011. The band’s fourth album, “Monsters in the Closet,” was released in 2013. Mayday Parade’s fifth album, titled “Black Lines,” was released in 2015. In 2018, the band signed to Rise Records and released their sixth studio album “Sunnyland” in 2018. Their seventh studio album was “What It Means To Fall Apart.”

As well as working for Mayday Parade full time for the past three years, Lorne has also worked with bands such as Our Last Night, Sleeping With Sirens, We The Kings, State Champs and Falling in Reverse. With Mayday, he has done multiple full US tours as well as multiple international tours.

Colin Lorne commented on the multi-track recording and his mix for the videos, “For these videos, I mixed completely in the box with ProTools. I did not use any samples or replace anything. These are all the raw recorded lines hit with love and a little EQ and compression.”

Mayday Parade’s current lineup is Derek Sanders, lead vocals, piano, additional guitar; Alex Garcia – lead guitar; Brooks Betts; rhythm guitar; Jeremy Lenzo, bass guitar, backing vocals; and Jake Bundrick, drums, percussion, co-lead vocals. Defying classification, Mayday Parade’s diverse and eclectic records have been described as Pop-Punk, Alternative Rock, Emo-Pop, and Pop Rock, and others.

Check out the Mayday Parade Soundstage series:

Dec 6th: “More Like A Crash

Dec 13th: “Got Me All Wrong”  

Dec 20th: “Jersey” 

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