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Eddie “Dr. Evil” Oertell and TELEFUNKEN at The Whisky

Eddie Oertell is seen onstage at The Whisky with his matched sets of M60 and TF11 TELEFUNKEN mics.. Photo by David Goggin.

Los Angeles, CA, June 2021 – Eddie “Dr. Evil” Oertell has been the FOH mixer at LA’s legendary Whisky a Go Go for over 25 years. During the pandemic, Oertell has been using his matched pairs of TELEFUNKEN mics and has continued mixing steady international live streams for Veeps at The Whisky.

“In addition to my stereo pairs of small diaphragm M60s and the new large diaphragm TF11s, the Whisky has an arsenal of Telefunken mics that they use on all the national acts that come through the club,” Oertell comments. He also installed the custom RCF full PA and monitor system at the club.

TELEFUNKEN’S M60 small diaphragm condenser microphones provide fast transient response and capture subtle sonic nuances with precision and clarity. Oertell’s phantom-powered TF11 large diaphragm mics blend an Austrian-inspired voicing similar to the legendary AKG C12 with modern FET high performance. The result is a beautifully open and detailed frequency response with fast transient response, high SPL handling, and low self-noise.

“I’m using my stereo pair of TELEFUNKEN TF11 high performance mics on overheads and some on acoustic instruments,” Oertell explains. “I’m currently using my Telefunken M60’s on Hi Hat and Ride cymbal because they sound so natural and very precise to the particular instrument that you’re mixing. When you bring up the mix on the drum kit you can instantly hear how natural and clear everything sounds. I use Telefunken M80 dynamic mics on vocals for the shows at The Whisky and on the road, and M81’s on the rack toms and snare drum top and bottom -- they sound so full and warm.”

In addition to his steady gig at The Whisky, Oertell also works at other LA clubs like The Roxy, and has served as the Front of House live sound engineer on worldwide concert tours for Slipknot, System of a Down, Mudvayne, GWAR, Coal Chamber, Devildriver, UFO, and POD, among many others.