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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Presents: a LIVE Multi-Track Session

Big Head Todd and the Monsters - "Hey Delilah"

Song composed by Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

On February 23, 2014, the Boulder, Colorado based band Big Head Todd & The Monsters visited TELEFUNKEN Studios amidst a winter tour to promote their newly released album Black Bee Hive. Guitarist Todd Park Mohr, bassist Rob Squires, drummer Brian Nevin and keyboardist Jeremy Lawton were joined by Chicago blues guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks, performing a hour long set of newly written songs along side a few of their classic hits.

The entire performance was recorded live via the studio's API 1608 console and a selection of Grace Design pre amps (also from Boulder, CO). Every single channel was tracked using a TELEFUNKEN microphone into Pro Tools HD, in one take, with no overdubs.

The newly released DD5 Dynamic Drum Pack was employed on drum set. The Kick drum features the M82 positioned in the hole, with the CU-29 Copperhead outside the drumhead. The M80-SH was utilized on snare drum, with the M81-SH on toms and electric guitar cabs. The yet-to-be released M60 small diaphragm FET microphone was used on hi-hat and ride cymbal, as well as on the drum overheads in an XY configuration.

The Leslie speaker of the C3 organ was recorded with two M80-SH low profile dynamics on top and the M82 positioned on the low end. A Nord keyboard and bass guitar were recorded direct. Lastly, the vocals were recorded with the M80 Dynamic microphones.

The multi-track audio files of the original song "Hey Delilah" from this live recording are now available for download.

All the files are clearly labeled in the same format with the source listed first (LEAD VOX, ACOUSTIC, PIANO), followed by the microphone used (CU-29, M80, M82, etc). All audio files are presented in .WAV format and were recorded at 24bit / 44.1KHz sample rate.

"Hey Delilah" was a song in an ongoing monthly contest co-hosted with Indaba Music. The top ten mixes were determined by popular vote, with the winning mix judged by the artist and TELEFUNKEN's staff members.

Download Audio Files ZIP

Big Head Todd and the Monsters "Hey Delilah" Audio Files 1 - Download Part 1
Big Head Todd and the Monsters "Hey Delilah" Audio Files 2 - Download Part 2
Big Head Todd and the Monsters "Hey Delilah" Audio Files 3 - Download Part 3

Mix Contest Winners:

Grand Prize Winner:
Yanko Genov - Dublin, IRELAND
CU-29 Copperhead microphone

Leo Alvatone - Munich, GERMANY
M-82 microphone

TELEFUNKEN's Multi Track Sessions LIVE is an excellent tool for auditioning the TELEFUNKEN microphone product line in the comfort and familiarity of a personal studio or listening environment.

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