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TELEFUNKEN’s Live From The Lab: Volume 1 Vinyl Release

Live From The Lab: Volume 1 is a collection of eight live performances captured on TELEFUNKEN Soundstage as part of the companies Live From The Lab series.

The vinyl includes songs by Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Colin Hay, West End Blend, Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band, Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers, Penniless Wild & The Funky Dawgz Brass Band.

Each song was tracked exclusively with TELEFUNKEN microphones and has been meticulously remixed by Mark Hornsby and mastered by Ken Love.

Detailed lists of the TELEFUNKEN microphones and direct boxes used on each session can be found in the comments section below their corresponding YouTube videos linked below. The multi-track files for each performance are also available for download from the Live From The Lab webpage here.

InsideD1 (1)

Side A
West End Blend - Must Be Voodoo - 6:30
Penniless Wild - Seat Back - 4:30
Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band - By My Side - 4:00
Colin Hay - Overkill - 3:40

Side B
Funky Dawgz Brass Band - Live Ya Life - 6:00
Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Hey Delilah - 6:10
Bronze Radio Return - Pocket Knife - 3:43
Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers - Didn’t It Rain - 4:00

Executive Producer Toni Fishman
Produced & Developed by Alan Venitosh
Recorded by Brendan Morawski & Jake Subin
Mixed by Mark Hornsby
Mastered by Ken Love
Artwork by KC Phillips & Nick Sonsini
Photos & Video by TELEFUNKEN Staff
Legal John Bradley Group, P. A.

All songs recorded live @ TELEFUNKEN Soundstage, South Windsor, CT
Special thanks to Scott Medeiros, Adam Lukowski, Adam & Derek Yorio, Herb Fishman, James Duffy, Patrick McManaman, DW Drums, Pearl Drums, QSC, Benson Amplifiers, Amadeus Piano and all TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik employees.

Additional thanks to our dedicated global reseller network including:

Sweetwater, Vintage King, Musicians Friend, Alto Music, Westlake Pro, BH Photo, Zzounds, Pro Audio LA, Westlake Pro, Front End Audio, Dale Pro Audio, AVL Gear, Full Compass, Sam Ash, Adorama, Zen Pro Audio, Chuck Levin’s Music, Guitar Center, Red Beard Audio, Sound Productions, Calistro Music and The Music People (USA)

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