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FET Microphones


The compact, cardioid only TF11 is versatile, portable, and dependable for all recording environments from home to studio to stage.

M60 FET Cardioid

The M60’s incredibly fast transient response captures every nuance with impressive precision and clarity, resulting in an extremely detailed sonic image.

M61 FET Omnidirectional

The M61 offers a large, open sound ideal for capturing the ambience and vibe of your instrument or environment, breathing life into any recording.

M62 FET Hypercardioid

With it's tightened polar pattern, surprisingly full low end and quick transient response, the M62 is great for use on cymbals and percussion.

M60 FET Master Set

The M60 Master Set includes one M60 amplifier and all three interchangeable capsules; cardioid, omnidirectional, and hypercardioid.

M60 FET Master Stereo Set

The M60 Master Stereo Set includes a pair of precision matched M60 amplifiers and matched sets of cardioid, omnidirectional, and hypercardioid capsules.