TELEFUNKEN to debut Alchemy Microphone Series at AES NYC

New York, NY, AES 2019 – Microphone manufacturer TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is introducing the new Alchemy Series at AES for the first time. Designed, hand-built, and tested to strict quality standards in Connecticut, USA, the Alchemy Series is TELEFUNKEN’s next generation of large diaphragm tube condensers. The voicings of the new Alchemy Series are the TF29 Copperhead, TF39 Copperhead Deluxe, TF47, and TF51.

TELEFUNKEN’s entire product line will be on display in booth #231, including the Diamond, Alchemy, FET and Dynamic Series of Microphones, Direct Boxes, Vacuum Tubes and Accessories. In addition, the company will celebrate AES with the return of the vintage VW microbus, which will be on display at the booth.

TELEFUNKEN is excited to provide you with a VIP access code for passes for this year’s Audio Engineering Society convention. When used at the Exhibits-Plus registration purchase page, the $50 to $75 fees are removed making entrance to the event free!

Your VIP code is AES19TFUNK

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About Alchemy Microphone Series

Future Classics, Not Clones.

With the combination of vintage microphone elements and modern fidelity and reliability, the Alchemy Series delivers microphones -- each with a distinctively original sonic fingerprint.

Professional Designs, Superior Functionality.

TELEFUNKEN has implemented numerous improvements sonically and mechanically to the Alchemy Series, tailored all the way down to the accessories. Boasting newly designed custom head grilles for transparency and openness, hand-plugged circuit boards, and selected American and European vacuum tubes and transformers, no detail was left unaddressed. All systems ship in a sleek, compact, protective case for easy transport and storage. Included are two modern mount options, microphone dust cover, high-flex 7-meter cable, and an American-assembled power supply.

Trusted Quality, Built to Last.

Each microphone is individually tested and listened to. All critical components are quality controlled in-house before assembly, including capsule frequency sweeps, vacuum tube burn-in and noise grading.

Ideal Choice for Discerning Engineers, Musicians, and Producers.

The Alchemy Series combines timeless sound quality with TELEFUNKEN reliability in an affordable package. Whether it’s the home studio or a commercial facility, the Alchemy Series is suited for any recording environment.