Vintage Tones

Vintage Tones Restoration & Modification

Vintage Tones is the division of TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik that specializes in the restoration of historic European tube microphones, as well as the upgrade and modification of modern microphone designs.

So... you have a classic mic that has seen better days.

Fear not!

Vintage Tones is here to help!!

In the quest to faithfully recreate the classic microphones of yesteryear, TELEFUNKEN and Vintage Tone have done the requisite R&D [Research and Duplication] to have pretty much any parts you may require.

TELEFUNKEN's Vintage Tones can also provide service to AKG Acoustic Gmbh C-12 AND C-24 systems, all TELEFUNKEN Gmbh ELA M 250, 250 E, 251, and 251E systems as well other vintage microphone systems such Neumann Gmbh U-47, U-48, U67, M49, M249, M269, etc.

Historic Microphone Services include:

  • Complete capsule restoration and or replacement for CK12, M7, K47/49, K67 and other large diaphragm designs.
  • Switch housing restoration and/or replacement.
  • Internal electronic restoration and/or replacement.
  • Vacuum Tubes.
  • Power supply restoration and/or replacement.
  • Cable restoration and/or replacement.
  • Cosmetic parts.

Modern Microphone Modification Services include:

  • C12VR modification including CK12 capsule and circuit upgrade.
  • More TBA Summer 2011.

Additional Repair Services

Vintage Tones also repairs specific outboard gear including EQ, Compressors, Pre Amplifiers, Monitors as well as large and small format consoles. Please contact our lab for more details about our additional repair services.

Terms of Service

If your microphone system needs maintenance, contact TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik to discuss your restoration/repair needs.

Should your new or old microphone system need factory service, you will be assigned an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

Upon contacting our repairs department you will be emailed an RMA form containing information and details about your microphone repair. You will be required to print and include this RMA form in your shipment of the microphone to our repair lab. Also, it is important to write the assigned RMA number on the outside of the shipping box before sending it to our lab.

Be sure to include as many details as possible when filling out the RMA form, this will aid us in getting your microphone repaired quickly and smoothly. All work performed on your microphone system will be done at an hourly rate of $125 per hour plus parts and shipping.

When shipping your microphone system to us, please make sure to insure your microphone with the shipper of your choice for full replacement value.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik does not, in any way, accept ANY responsibility for damage done to goods during shipping to and from our authorized services centers; all insurance while the unit is in transit is at the microphone owner's expense.


Vintage Tones is also the direct sales outlet for factory second, B-stock, and one-off custom microphones. Auctions are always being run for microphones and other pro audio products. The Vintage Tones EBAY store can be found here.


Vintage Tones also has a limited inventory of rare and historic recording gear available for sale and rental. For a complete list of what is currently available for sale, please click here.

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