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Photo: Year Of The Dragon ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is a symbol of strength and harmony. Not surprisingly the two leaders of Year of the Dragon, Roderick "Rodcore" Palmer, and Walter Adam Kibby, II AKA Dirty Walt, were born within days of each other under that sign.

As a founding and still current member of ska-punk legends Fishbone, "Dirty Walt" Kibby wanted to be able to stretch his wings and do something else outside of his home band. After meeting Roderick "Rodcore" Palmer, who he collaborated with another project that did not come to fruition, he knew he had found the perfect person to begin his next musical journey with.

"We set up Year of the Dragon to be a free creative outlet," Dirty Walt recalls. "The punk-metal, heavy guitars and saying whatever we want to without worrying about major label concerns. That has made our music better and it's the number one philosophy of Year of the Dragon. Be it in the recording studio or on stage, go out and be fearless!"

Photo: Blue M80 Dynamic ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

The duo got together with former Fishbone guitarist Tracey "Spacey T" Singleton and recorded in EP entitled A TIME TO LOVE IS A TIME TO BLEED. The EP was done as a creative afterthought, but then the band began to pick up steam doing intense live shows that rivaled that of Walt's other band. They put out their first full length record called BLUNT FORCE KARMA and hit the road in support of it, shocking market after market with their highly charged and very intense live show.

They followed that release with FIVE FINGERS OF DEF, another EP produced and released by famed punk rock guitarist Greg Hetson. Then came more headlining shows on the road followed by support shows with bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Brains, Unwritten Law, Living Colour and many others.

The band is now working on a new album and poised to do a major tour in 2015. Says Rodcore: "We've been blessed to just put our nose down, keep charging forward and developing our fan base. As long as people want to hear it, we are going to keep making music and playing shows and everything is only going to get bigger and better!"

Direct quote from Dirty Walt: "Rodcore and I use Telefunken M80 blue mics and we love them! We have a really energetic live show and the mics are very durable, not to mention the warm, natural sound they have. Live engineers love them because they don't have to tweak the sound of the mic to allow the vocals to come through clearly in the mix!"


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M 81 Universal Dynamic

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M80 Blue

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