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Photo: Mics positioned above piano and in front of bass
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It is said that the University of Hartford is a 50-year-old university with a 130-year legacy: that is, though its roots date back to 1877, the university wasn't officially chartered until 1957 with the merger of the Hartford Art School, the Hartt School of Music, and Hillyer College. Also among its seven departments is CETA, the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture. Telefunken is proud to work with both the Hartt School of Music (represented in photos here) and CETA.

Over the past decade, the University has completed several extensive building projects, including the $34 million Integrated Science, Engineering, and Technology (ISET) complex and the Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center. CETA offers a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering Technology, and the Hartt School offers Bachelor Degrees in Music, Fine Arts, and a BSE in Acoustical Engineering & Music, as well as Doctor of Musical Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education degrees.

Photo: Mics positioned in front of singer
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The Hartt School is the comprehensive performing arts conservatory of the University of Hartford, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in music education, ballet pedagogy, music history, music theory, and composition, as well as innovative programs in music production and technology, music management, and performing arts management. The Hartt School's renowned faculty perform and teach around the world and mentor the school's talented students. Performance is central to Hartt's curriculum, as demonstrated by multiple performing organizations and more than 400 instrumental and vocal performances, recitals, plays, master classes, dance performances, and musical theatre productions a year.

The CETA BSE in Audio Engineering Technology spans the three disciplines of electronics, acoustics and music to prepare students for careers in the recording and music industries. The program stresses the fundamentals of electronics, music theory, harmony, and sound technology. Students may elect additional courses in music management, radio, television, and business administration for additional expertise for their professional career. Graduates of audio engineering technology programs may work in technical and support jobs toward creating maximum quality of sound.

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