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Photo: Turkuaz ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

The Brooklyn Power Funk army Turkuaz has been described by as "like tossing a lit match into a dumpster full of fireworks." Combining influences from Sly and the Family Stone to Talking Heads and Parliment to Earth, Wind and Fire, this is no exaggeration. Turkuaz explodes with energy and driving music, overwhelming and captivating audiences with their unique blend of power funk, world-pop, R&B and other influences. As they put it on their website, "Credible bios are supposed to be objective and not full of superlatives and hyperbole, but it's hard to avoid gushing when the subject is a funk army of multi-instrumentals and singers that is part freight train and part tyrannosaurus rex, who—even on an off night—can blow away a room on the basis of sheer physics alone." A nine-piece band co-founded by Dave Brandwein and Taylor Shell in Boston, Turkuaz currently resides in Brooklyn, NY when not touring.

Photo: Turkuaz ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Drawing on the musical heritage of Sly & The Family Stone, Rick James, Parliament, and Bohannon and adding healthy doses of jittery, world-pop-power groove—reminiscent of Remain In Light era Talking Heads—and a passion for Motown and R&B, Turkuaz achieve a refreshing twist on the funk idiom. Co-founders Dave Brandwein and Taylor Shell chose from the cream of the crop at Berklee, seeking the right blend of personalities to create the unique sound and presence of Turkuaz. The band members appear on stage in a fascinating combination of elements, with singers in sequined dresses and guys in tails, or all sporting jumpsuits or other complimentary outfits. But the visual is just the beginning, as the band blends horns, keys, guitars, amps and drums to create "the explosive auditory and visual circus" of a Turkuaz performance. Try to resist dancing! It's not all about size; it's about performance.

Turkuaz has built a passionate coast-to-coast fan base through their recordings and especially their touring and festival performances. Currently criss-crossing North America behind their third independent release, Future 86, you could say they "have plans to conquer the world . . . or at least shake the walls and all the booties in every room they play"!

Turkuaz is:

Dave Brandwein [composer/producer/guitar/ vocals]
Taylor Shell [composer/bass]
Craig Brodhead [guitar/synths]
Michelangelo Carubba [drums/percussion]
Greg Sanderson [tenor saxophone]
Josh Schwartz [baritone saxophone/vocals]
Chris Brouwers [trumpet/keyboard]
Sammi Garett [vocals/tambourine]


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