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Photo: TRI Studios ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Tamalpais Research Institute Studios apply known as TRI Studios is the brainchild of legendary Bob Weir, a founding member of the Grateful Dead, and his team of visionary experts. TRI Studios concept and vision is bringing state of the art technology to artists and bands for live HD internet broadcasting of live performances. Bob, whose career has spanned almost 50 years in the industry, remembers the days when he first started playing in small bars, barns and clubs. Where the musical creativity flowed from a musicians performance and connected with intimacy to the audience on a natural level.

With TRI Studios that creatvitiy and intimacy has been brought back as the performers play before a small live studio audience and it's broadcast world wide via the internet in HD. When Bob started his career back in the early 1960's, a musician had just their instrument, maybe an amp and their creative juices to gain favor with their audience. The audience was just so close you could just reach out and touch them. That organic audience connection feel to a performance has been lost throughout the decades of big arena shows, mega music festivals and music company over processing and polished packaging.

TRI Studios has become a major influence and trend setter in bringing back that lost connection to a new generation of music fans through a technology that is used world wide to give musicians a chance to connect through music on a planetary level like never before. This allows musicians to be able to relax and "go for what they know" in a performance without the hassles and riggers of the tour entourage. All this is directed, filmed, and mixed live in real time from the comfort of the TRI Studio rehearsal halls a top Mount Tamalpais in San Rafael, California.

Photo: TRI Performance Hall ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Whether your tastes and needs are strictly recording, video, live broadcast or a combination of all the above, Bob and his team have assemble a studio that surely would cause envy from the Gods of old. Music flows fast and free at TRI which Bob and friends proved in a few creative jam sessions, which can be see on the TRI Studios site in their video archieves section.

Any interested musician, artist or band should check out TRI Studios to not only hear the difference but see it as well. Bob and his team are bringing back that lost organic feel to the creative music process that today's artists can only here on their old vinyl LP's. TRI has updated the process with state of the art technology for endless possibilities but without the limitations of sounding like you're music is trapped in a tube, telephone or box. TRI can provide that small club, theater or arena hall sound and atmosphere that gives you that keys to unlock endless musical magic! Visit Bob at TRI Studios, or as Bob calls it his Spaceship, and do some "Space Truckin'" of your own with TRI.

TRI Studio's address and contact info:
Tamalpais Research Institute
San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel: (415) 492 1377

Telefunken Microphones at TRI:
2 x AK-47
1 x AR-51
Matched Sequential pair of C12s
4 x ELAM 260
2 x ELAM 251E
10 x M80
1st TELE/TRI Tri-Mono system (3 x omni 260s)


AK-47 MkII

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ELA M 260

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ELA M 251E

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ELA M 260 Tri-Mono Sets

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