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Photo: Toni and Ash, Covert Undercover ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Girls, glam, and guitars define the alternative pop/rock duo Toni and Ash. High-energy vocals and rocking guitar riffs are what these girls are all about. The band's recipe consists of Toni, the spicy lead singer, and Ash, the sweet guitarist. Rock on, sister. Yes, Toni and Ash are also sisters. Singer-songwriters Toni and Ash have been actively writing and recording since 2007. A background in dance (previous National Preteen Pro/Am Latin Champion and National Junior Pro/Am Standard Champion) enhances their live and video performances.

With forty songs studio-recorded, single "Sweet Thing" just released and debut album Irreversible Territory now available, they are ready to roll. Presently, Toni and Ash are writing and performing. They have relocated to LA and will continue to play clubs and live venues. If you like leather, studs, and style, then Toni and Ash are your girls.

Photo: Toni and Ash, Covert Undercover ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Check the photos for Toni belting out a song with the TELEFUNKEN M80 dynamic stage mic. Toni and Ash own and love the Custom Shop M80s (two-toned gold with chrome grille), regular M80s, and a recently purchased ELA M 251E. Photos from the Covert Undercover Tour, plus one of Toni & Ash with TFunk's artist liaison, Jason Scheuner at the Listening Room.

Watch Toni and Ash's New Video 'Covert Undercover'

ELA M 251

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M80 Studio

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Gold M80

M80 gives a superior alternative to the midrange-laden character of the "industry standard microphone"...

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