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Photo: Tucker at the helm ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

In an era of access to an unprecedented amount of low-cost recording technology there are a few producers left amongst us who still value, above all else, the song and capturing timeless performances. T-Bone Burnett, Joe Henry, and Tucker Martine are a few that come to mind.

Martine's eclectic resume comes in part from growing up in a musical household. He was born in Nashville, Tenn., where his father, Layng Martine Jr., wrote songs for Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bo Diddley. Though his family never pushed him toward music, Tucker acknowledges he was pretty invested from an early age; when he learned in the 5th grade that two friends were starting a band, practiced drumming for days on upside-down ice cream containers his mother picked up from Baskin-Robbins. Needless to say, he made the cut.

Rather than force a predetermined aesthetic onto each project, Tucker combines the best elements of 'old school' producing and modern recording techniques. He believes that great records have more to do with great songs, great arrangements, an inspiring work environment, the right musical co-conspirators, preparedness and capturing a unique point of view than the eq of the hi hat mic.

Photo: Tucker's tools of the trade ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

The common thread in Tucker's work is that he always seems to sense what qualities make an artist stand out and brings those characteristics even further to the forefront. He has enough of a perfectionist streak in him to make sure it's done right but is quick to recognize when to forego the game plan altogether in favor of a spontaneous epiphany.

In the last few years alone Tucker has produced and mixed recordings by The Decemberists, My Morning Jacket, R.E.M. (engineer),Tift Merritt, Laura Veirs, Bill Frisell, Jim White, Mudhoney and Thao. He has also mixed Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, Langhorne Slim, Laura Gibson and Quasi.

Larry Crane - founder/editor of TAPE OP magazine had declared Tucker Martine to be "one of my favorite producers". Billboard magazine gushed "Martine's musical future will be a major thrill". We'll be happy to forward a sample of Tucker's work so you can discover on your own why we're honored to be working with this talented, progressive and focused producer.

NPR's Bob Boilen spoke with Tucker about his work in October 2009.
It's well worth a listen.

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