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Photo: Terrace Martin ( Click To Enlarge )

It is not uncommon in the music business that a person comes along that's known as a "Legacy." Legacy meaning Music is apart of their birthright and heritage. No one deserves the title "Legacy" more then Terrace Martin. He was born into the family of Jazz, both his mother (singer) and father (drummer) were Jazz musicians. It's safe to say music was in his bones from birth. While other children grew up cutting their teeth on toys and teethers, Terrace was playing drums by age 3 and piano by age 6.

Like Superman learning to fly for the first time, Terrace learned early on music would be his calling in life. He spent his childhood and teenage years learning the power of music that flows within him, and by his Senior year of High School he burst onto the Music scene with plenty of Veteran mojo in his pocket. That Senior year changed his life forever as he toured as the Baritone Sax player in Sean "Diddy" Combs' band. From that period of time on, Terrace has vastly craved his mark on the music world.

Whether he is playing one of his many roles: producer, saxophonist, songwriter, engineer or television / film scorer, Terrace takes his passion and love for music to new heights. The influences of the music filled household of his childhood comes through in his style, whether it be songwriting, mixing or recording. His keen ear for blending music genres into an aesthetically pleasing flavor caught the likes of LA's own Snoop Dogg. Terrace and Snoop have worked on many projects together, not to mention becoming production partners.

Photo: Terrace Martin & Snoop Dogg ( Click To Enlarge )

His knack for unique flavor has put him high in demand as an engineer and producer. Though he grew up in the "sampling era" and has amassed a diverse collection of samples, he is one of a few Hip-Hop / R&B engineers and producers that loves using real instruments in recording. He feels it accentuates the performance aspect of the music. His production skills can be heard on tracks with such artists as Snopp Dogg, Qunicy Jones, Fergie, Raphael Saadiq, Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.

The legacy that is Terrace Martin continues to fulfill his destiny in music. Whether it is in the Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap, R&B or Jazz genres, Terrace will continue to bring these music styles and artists to the forefront with his keen ear and flavor. We are honored that Terrace has chosen to use some Telefunken microphones in his collection. And we are so looking forward to hearing how it's helped him make some of his legendary genre blending flavor. We here at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik welcome him to the family.

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