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Photo: Performer at The Church
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Housed in what was once The Overbrook Presbyterian Church in the south hills of Pittsburgh PA, the Church Recording Studio was established in 2005 by owner and chief engineer Dana Cannone, who over the course of the next few years transitioned his career focus from Concert Tour Manager to full time Recording engineer and producer. Following his education as a music production major at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Dana turned to live sound and live recording, working with entertainers in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania area where he grew up and currently resides as well as major national acts including serving as tour manager for Rusted Root, Govt Mule, and Art Garfunkel.

Dana's fascination with recording goes back to his childhood, when he discovered vari-speed on his own by opening up a cheap cassette recorder and turning a little screw near the motor, changing pitch and speed to his surprize. Later he encountered the recording techniques of George Martin and the Beatles and fully appreciated what he had discovered.

The prospect of converting the old church into a studio was a pretty easy choice for Dana, since it already possessed many of the most desirable acoustic traits for a studio. "Churches are designed to have a reflective sound," he says. "The non-panel walls and hardwood floors make for great acoustics." Where there were once pews there is now a room for recording group performances, centered by a grand piano. This live tracking room is an 1800 sq foot (30' x 60') space featuring wooden floors and a 30' high wooden cathedral ceiling.

Photo: Performer at The Church
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The control room resides in the space that was once the altar of the church and is divided from the live tracking room by a soundproof wall and large glass windows. It sits alongside a small isolation booth with a window into the control room. Additional isolation booths can be found in the 3 rooms adjacent to the control room, two of which are separated by a floor to ceiling glass wall which provides great visual contact between musicians while maintaining isolation.

The studio offers a good balance of the "old school" approach to recording alongside the advantages offered by modern technology, with outstanding acoustics. Dana states that "the goal of this studio is to provide a comfortable environment for the Artist to create, without the distractions usually associated with the recording environment."

The Church offers its out-of-town clients apartment-style private living quarters, spacious private bathroom, commercial grade kitchen and laundry facilities. Dana's own apartment is in the basement, which he shares with his cat, Sgt. Pepper.

The Church's in-house producer and drummer is Poogie Bell, an outstanding drummer, composer, arranger, and record producer who has performed with Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross, Roberta Flack, Stanley Clarke, Erykah Badu, Davide Bowie, John Scofield, Angelique Kidjo, and many more. Poogie co-wrote "Touch and Go," the title track of Force MD's debut album, with Victor Bailey; the song won the ASCAP Urban Music Writers award for Top 10 Singles in 1998. He now leads the Poogie Bell Band.


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