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Photo: Mics positioned in front of singers.
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The Southwestern Community College District is one of 110 public community colleges in the state of California and the only institute of higher education located in the southern portion of San Diego County. Its location—nestled between the City of San Diego and the U.S.-Mexico international border on a 156-acre plot—positions it to play an important role in the intellectual growth of the hundreds of thousands of residents that call South County home. Housed on the main campus is the Center for Recording Arts and Technology. More than 200 singer/songwriters, local bands, performers, recording artists and hundreds of students, have discovered the Center for Recording Arts & Technology.

Anyone who has had an opportunity to record at the Center for Recording Arts & Technology is duly impressed with the work the students do here. They often note that we use more outboard gear than plug-ins. Often someone will ask "what mike or compressor did you use?" We assume they are trying to reproduce the results we get in studio A, while working in their home studios, by simply using the same microphone or compressor.

We often wonder if they noticed how much better their instruments sounded in the tracking room, or how easy it was to get a headphone mix?

Photo: Singer with Telefunken U47.
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The importance of the recording environment is often overlooked in today's heavy compression, sampled drum production.

One of the greatest acoustic features of this room is how clean and defined any live instrument sounds, regardless of its location in the studio.

As recording in the box became the norm, the value of a proper recording environment was lost to the recording enthusiasts working with USB mics, in bedrooms turned recording studios, their only sense of space derived from using plug-ins not from recording the actual instruments. When you're recording actual instrument in real acoustic space you need great microphones.

Housed within the School of Arts and Communication, this recording studio facility sets the benchmark for audio technology education within the California Community College, Cal State and UC systems statewide.

The program offers a 1-year certificate of achievement and a 2-year A.S. degree in Recording Arts & Technology.

Although primarily a career/technical program, many of the interdisciplinary courses you are required to complete for the A.S. degree will transfer to CSU & UC schools. Courses from private audio schools generally don't transfer to 4-year institutions.

The program facility's 4 studios are state-of-the-art purpose-built professional recording and mixing environments that provide students with a full range of "real world" experiences with industry professionals.

Designed by world-renowned acoustic designer/engineer Carl Yanchar of Yanchar Design and Program Director Jay Henry, the facility was nominated for a TEC award for technical excellence in 2009.

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