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Photo: Keith of SnowGhost Music with an array of U47, ELA M 251,
and ELA M270 mics ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

SnowGhost, an independent music service that records and distributes new and established artists, was launched in 2007 in the stunning mountain recreation country of Whitefish, Montana, near Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake. A new kind of internet destination and music service, SnowGhost Music enables artists to create high-quality multimedia content in a uniquely relaxed environment. A 'one-stop shop' for artists seeking to provide their fans with truly special content, SnowGhost's tools and knowledgeable staff help artists capture the essence of their creative experience with superior recordings, video, photography, and journalistic writing. Best of all, with their direct music download sales and no recoupable production costs to cover, artists are able to earn money right away with their own dedicated display and retail page on

SnowGhost's mission can be summed up in three key points:
  Offer fans a window into the creative process of their favorite artists
  Offer artists a partnership based on fairness and transparency
  Change the way music is created and appreciated

Here's how a SnowGhost Session works: An artist is invited to come out and record as much as they can handle over a few days in the mountains of Montana. They also get an opportunity to play a show in front of a small-town crowd. We document their performances (and everything else) with video, writing, film, and especially good recordings, and then we showcase (and now let you download!) it all on our site as soon as possible.

Photo: Paired U47s over piano ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

SnowGhost artists include The Company of Adventurers, The Wartime Blues, Kati O'Toole, Adam Arcuragi, Victory Smokes, Height, CarCrashLander, Friday Mile, Seymore Saves the World, Josh Ottum, Dan Deacon, Luke Temple, and many more.

SnowGhost offers a unique and visually beautiful studio, built from the ground-up in 2006. Exemplifing the finest in acoustic design, and both classic (analog!) and modern recording technologies, the studio features an all-analog SSL console, Studer 24-track tape machine, sweet-ass plate reverb, DSD technology, and a wide array of instruments and microphones (including Telefunken Telefunken ELA M 270 Stereo, ELA M 251, U47, and M12).

You might well wonder where SnowGhost Music got their name: what is a snow ghost anyway? According to their website, "A snow ghost is a local term for the ice-encrusted trees that can be seen in alpine forests (like we have around here) during the winter. We could make up some baloney about how their "haunting, ethereal beauty" relates to recording or a new way of doing things in the music industry, blah blah blah, but really, we just think they're cool."

And we thing SnowGhost Music is pretty cool, too.

SnowGhost Music's address and contact info:

SnowGhost Music
Whitefish, MT 59937

Telefunken Microphones at SnowGhost Music:

ELA M270 Stereo
U47/48 Studio Set
ELA M 251*
* = matched pair or consecutive serial numbers


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U47/48 Studio & Stereo Sets

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