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Photo: Platinumn Sound Studios Control Room
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Platinum Sound Recording Studios is a boutique recording studio in Manhattan, New York City, located in Times Square and co-owned by Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda. Wonda founded the studio in 2000. One of the premier recording studios in New York City, Platinum Sound was designed to create a unique, unforgettable studio experience, focusing on ever detail of the sound and quality of production. Their mission, as stated on the Platinum Sound website, "is to provide great service for every client in a private and near perfect environment to elicit the highest quality of music and creative energy for the artist."

Platinum Sound Recording Studios includes three studios: a penthouse studio, Studio J, and Studio K. Studio J features an 80 channel Solid State Logic 9000J with Total Recall and Ultimation, Yamaha NS-10, system by George Augspurger, a Pro Tools HD4 system, main custom 3-way monitor and the latest outboard gear. Studio K features an 80 channel Solid State Logic 900 K with Total Recall and Ultimation, a Pro Tools HD4 system, Yamaha NS10ís, and a main custom Westlake/TAD monitor system. Studio K has a live room, control room and a private lounge.

Platinum Sound's client roster includes many of the top names in music today, such as Shakira, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Estelle, Ashanti, Pitbull, Fergie, Kanye West, Diddy, Timbaland, Madonna, Bruno Mars, U2, Rhianna, Jonas Brothers, John Legend, Nikki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, and many, many more.

Photo: Platinumn Sound Studios
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Fully outfitted with the finest audio equipment available, Platinum Sound is "the only place you'll find the SSL 9000K north of Nashville or custom Augsperger speakers in the loudest room in New York City." The studios are available for studio sessions, pre and post production, listening sessions, interviews, live music recordings, private functions, and full studio bookings.

Studio J, "the loudest room in New York City," features an 80 channel Solid State Logic 9000J with Ultimation and Total Recall, custom Augsperger main monitors with TAD components with dual 18" subwoofers, Bryston amplifiers, and a variety of the latest outboard gear. Studio K hosts the only 80 channel Solid State Logic 9000K XL north of Nashville, custom Augsperget monitors, Bryston and Crown amplifiers, and a variety of outboard gear. The Penthouse is an ideal production room for writing sessions, video editing, and recording vocals.

Platinum Sound Recording Studios was featured on Season 2, Episode 10 of The Chappelle's Show, "Making The Band."


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