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Photo: Sad Alice Said recording vocals
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Morton Studio is one of the most recognized metal- and rock-oriented recording studios in Ukraine. The studio is built and run by Max Morton – producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and leader of the heavy/power metal band Morton.

The studio's main principle is: "Quality above all". Be it tracking, mixing, mastering, reamping, session work or full cycle production, our main aim is to deliver the most musically and technically perfect result. For us, recording bands is much more than just pressing a REC button. Instead, we treat it with complete dedication and care. There are hundreds of nuances to be taken into account, be it something global, like the song structure, or something technical, like a choice of strings or drum heads and tuning an instrument. Post-factum, many bands have sincerely said that Max had been another member of their team during the recording. Morton Studio offers assistance in arranging, songwriting, vocal/instrumental couching and much more. So when artists are not sure about any aspect of their music, we're always there to help. We also provide services of session musicians. Max himself is a guitarist, bass player, and keyboardist who has played on dozens of records. Our in-house drummer is simply an outstanding performer live and in the studio. You can see and hear him playing on one of our Telefunken videos, where we were testing the Telefunken Dynamic Drum Pack.

Photo: Testing Telefunken Microphones
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One of Morton Studio fortes is high quality vocal production. Being completely addicted to recording all types of singing and helping singers give their best performance, we remain in a never-ending search of beautifully sounding microphones. One such mic, our absolute favorite for now, almost always preferred by singers, is the Telefunken AR-51. To find out more about this mic, you can watch our large video review featuring AR-51, AK-47 MKII and M80.

Over the last few years our studio has been widening its geography, increasingly working with clients from around the world. We dare to say that we've evolved from a local recording studio into a mixing and mastering studio that can handle all sorts of remote projects. And we keep moving forward.



The AR-51 provides a smooth mid-range, open top end, and solid, well-balanced low frequency ...

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