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Photo: Matty Amendola ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

When most people hear or think of the words 'Seasoned Veteran' they don't get a picture of someone still in the 20's, but that is the case with Matty Amendola. Matty has been working professional in the music biz since the tender age of 13 and with over a decade of work behind him, Matty is just getting started. Matty is the son of legendary drummer Bill Amendola. In the past decade Matty has recorded on a countless number of albums, released two of his own and has quickly become a recognized producer and songwriter.

In 2008, he started the independent record label, 825 Records, delivering material from a wide-ranging roster of artists (Fleet Walker, The Lovegoods, Jay Shepard). He has landed world-wide broadcast licensing placements, developed dozens of independent artists from the ground-up and recorded and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Adam Levine and Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble. A Brooklyn native, Matty has been making big moves and is being recognized for his work in the New York City and national music scenes.

Through his extensive touring, Matty quickly became a well-known drummer within the industry for his hard-hitting rock/funk style. He became a Pearl Drums endorser and appeared in advertisements for the Pearl Vision Series drum kit in every drum magazine in the United States. "I was on tour, playing with a dozen local bands and producing artists," says Matty. "But I needed to release a solo project. My songs, my outlook and my life."

Photo: Matty Amendola and friends ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

In early 2008, Matty chose to stop touring and focus on producing in order to create marketable music for young artists. "I quickly went from red carpets to dingy studio carpets in recording studios," says Matty. And so, the indie label 825 Records was born. Matty works closely with every artist on the 825 roster, using his songwriting and producing expertise to craft raw materials info polished, finished musical gems. He built a small team to drive the marketing and publicity campaigns of each artist and gained wide regard in the industry as a label that stays true to its independent roots. "Artist development is best put into the hands of the artists themselves," said David Weiss in

Amendola has most recently launched FRODUCTIONS, a production company with label-like services for independent artists. He has dedicated his time to developing, producing, and writing for new artists and has also been composing for MetLife and various other corporations. Outside of the studio, it's very rare to catch Matty on stage, but if and when you do, it's always something special. From corporate events for IBM & Nike, to private parties with Steven Tyler, Vince Neil, and Adam Levine, be sure to follow Matty on his social networks to keep up on all of the action!

Matty has had the pleasure to produce, record, perform, and/or teach clinics with industry legends such as: Adam Levine, Jody Porter, Elliot Easton, Mark Hudson, Hugh McCracken, Steve Lukather, Nuttin' But Stringz, Tom Scott, Vince Neil, Ty Taylor, Leslie West, Mike MacIvor, Paul Gilbert, John Blackwell, Vinny Appice, Will Lee, George Small, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Doane Perry, Charles Perry, Gary Hoey, Dunn Pearson JR, Bette Sussman, Rudy Sarzo, Elaine Caswell, Carmine Rojas, Bruce Kulick, Tituss Burgess, Jon Paris, Temar Underwood, Aaron Spears, Dave Matos, Mark Rivera, Tinker Barfield, Denny Seiwell, Jay Messina, Kip Winger, Curtis King, Carmine Appice, Liberty Devitto, Jena Kraus, Teddy Andreadis, Toni Rose, Butch Jones, Gary Van Syoc, Janice Pendarvis, Tommmy Byrnes, Vinnie Zummo, John Moyer, among many others.

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