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Lakehouse Recording Studios: Pulse of Asbury Park

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Photo: Lakehouse Recording Studios
L to R: Colin McCabe, Eric Bennett, Evan Rudenjek, Erik Romero,
Jon Leidersdorff, Tim Pannella, Matt Bodner
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Situated a few blocks from the iconic Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, Lakehouse Recording combines the best of the past and present to create a outstanding recording environmnet in two studios, North and South. LHRS is located in the same historic red brick building as the associated Lakehouse Music Academy (LHMA), Lakehouse Rehearsal stage, and the Russo Music Center store. Opened in March, 2013 by founder, producer and drummer Jon Leidersdorff, Lakehouse shares DNA with the Stone Pony, Wonder Bar and Asbury Lanes venerable music venues. Leidersdorff has said that Asbury Park has always been home to him, "but there was a lack of infrastructure here. There have always been all these great venues and artists, but there was a lack of community, a lack of collaboration. There was value in putting these like-minded people together."

Asked to describe Lakehouse, Leidersdorff says, "The studio is a classically designed tracking and mixing facility that boasts two WSDG rooms, a large collection of equipment and a staff dedicated to a traditional ethic of record making. We're located downtown in art-centric Asbury Park, which not only gives us access to a large pool of talented studio musicians, but offers a fun and inspiring destination for our clients. We built this space from the ground up, specifically to suit this traditional ideal, a little over two years ago."

Photo: AIR Studios Lyndhurst Hall ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Indeed Lakehouse offers a wide array of the finest in recording instruments, as one can see on their website,, including Telefunken Elektroakustik ELA M251, U47, U48, C12, AK47, ELA M260, M80, and M81. Eric Bennett, Managing Producer, speaks highly of Telefunken mics: "First and foremost we love using the Telefunken diamond series microphones because they are reliable workhorses that sound wondeful. We have a busy studio and we need tools that work. The Diamond series gives us access to authentic classic designs without the component failures of a 50 year old microphone. We're able to spend our time recording rather than fiddling with temperamental equipment. Our clients are thrilled with the results and never have to worry about their sessions getting derailed by faulty gear."

Erik Kase Romero, Head Engineer, says "We are striving to achieve and maintain a very specific aesthetic at Lakehouse. The quality of our Telefunken collection enables us to consistently get the results we are looking for. The mics are incredibly well built, which is a huge deal considering that reliability is a paramount feature for gear that's used in a commercial studio every day. Obviously many of the clients are impressed simply by the iconic nature of the microphones in the diamond series, but all of them are impressed with the results without fail." And engineer Tim Pannella states, "Without even thinking about, I find myself grabbing a pair of u47s, or even just one, to put above a drum kit. I know all I'll have to do is push up the faders and it'll sound amazing."

Pannella goes on to say, "What do I like: They performed how I hoped they would considering the reputation of the telefunken name." When asked how they enhance the recording experience, he adds "They give us the ability to offer our clients the best tool for capturing their performance in the most accurate way possible. What do artists think? Even if they aren't farmiliar with the Telefunken name, they immediately notice the distinctive difference between other studio standards and a Telefunken mic." Bennett compliments Telefunke's C12: "Wow! This C12 is the business! Regardless of who you put in front of it, the mic always amazes me!" Dylan McLean says "The Elam 251 changed my life," and Erik Romero adds, "I find myself using these mics on everything. I enjoy using mics in figure 8 and grab the U48 all the time!"

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