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Eduardo Kusdra with his favorite mic, the TELEFUNKEN U47
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Eduardo Kusdra is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Brazil with 15 solo albums released. He had some of the finest musicians from all over the world playing with him on his albums. Drummers Vinnie Colaiuta and Terry Bozzio, bass playersTony Franklin, Tony Levin and Scott Thunes, keyboard player Derek Sherinian and guitarist Mike Keneally are some of them.

He is an endorser in Brazil for Mayones Guitars & Basses (Poland), Bartolini Pickups (USA) and for Optima Strings (Germany).

As a producer and arranger he worked on some of the great recording studios in Brazil and in 2008 he opened Estúdio Arte Master, his own recording, mixing and mastering facility (

With analogue and digital gear available, the studio offers a good balance between these two worlds.

"It's almost impossible to work without plugins today. And there are very good ones out there. It's nice to have the flexibility to recall sessions, to save presets and everything else within the digital domain.

But the sound from those amazing analogue compressors and equalizers from some really cool brands are still difficult to beat. I have quite a few at the studio like the rare Focusrite Blue 315 MKII mastering eq, the GML 8200 eq, the SSL bus compressor, the Neve 33609 compressor and the Manley Stereo MU among others. And they are all great. Today it's a good idea to have the best of both worlds at your hands".

Located at his private loft, the studio produced over 50 albums and many singles in this period with artists and musicians of many different styles in Brazil like Zeca Baleiro, Maguinho Alcântara, Albino Infantozzi, Edú Ardanuy, Arthur Maia, the horn session of the soul & funk group Funk Como Le Gusta, Phillip Long, Bia Mendes, Babi Mendes, Maria Eliza.

Eduardo Kusdra, photo by Sebastião Rocha Jr
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Eduardo is a graduate of the Mix With The Masters seminar with engineer Chris Lord Alge. The seminar is organized and held at the amazing Studio La Fabrique in Saint Remy/France.

"It was really amazing to see Chris working right in front of me for a hole week.. The man is a master at his trade. His knowledge of the gear and the business is remarkable".

Eduardo's 13th solo album Solus was mixed at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios and his 14th album Tempo was mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

"Those were dreams coming true for me. I'm a huge Peter Gabriel fan and Real World Studios is one of the most incredible studios in the world. The location, the big room and the whole environment is really inspiring. And the studio's staff will make you feel at home. I spent 4 days at Real World mixing my album there with engineer Patrick Phillips. And what can one say about Abbey Road Studios? I was there for the mastering session of my album with engineer Frank Arkwright and for the lecture Alan Parsons did at Studio 2. He opened the original recording sessions from Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon during the lecture and that was really unbelievable".

Eduardo Kusdra is working on a new instrumental album to be released at the end of 2016. This is going to be his 16th solo album.

"The Telefunken U47 has been crucial for my work at the studio since I got it.

"I record a lot of acoustic guitars for my own solo albums and for other artists. My music is mostly acoustic and the sound of my Adamas guitar with the U47 as the main mic is the best I ever had. Period.

"Punchy, full and crystal clear. My last 4 albums were recorded with the U47 and they sound perfect for me. And of course the U47 on vocals is magic.

Really happy to own this truly amazing and historic mic".


Whether you're recording a symphony, a crooner, or any facet of modern music, you'll find a great tool ...

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