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Photo: Euro Zambrano ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Euro Zambrano

Euro Zambrano is a Venezuelan artist who has made a significant influence in the music industry. Through his virtuosity he has defined a unique and original style. When he was only six years old, he started to learn about Afro-Caribbean percussion instruments and at the age of nine, he began his professional career. His preparation in "Ars Nova School of Music" in Caracas, Venezuela has allowed him to become producer and arranger of various musical projects.

Thanks to the many musical influences that have defined his artistic growth, Zambrano represents today a unique and original sound through an authentic instrument known as "Batyconga". The sound of the "Batyconga" is special for its combination of elements of drums and percussion.

He has been music director, percussionist and drummer in concerts and records of national and international artists such as: Celia Cruz, Oscar de Leon, Cheo Feliciano, Jose Luis Rodriguez (El Puma), Franco de Vita, Ricardo Montaner, Maria Conchita Alonso, José Alberto (El Canario), Aldemaro Romero, Matthews10, Gabriela Cartulano, Michael Stewart, among others. He has also had the opportunity to tour with various artists around Europe as well as North, Central and South America.

Euro has not only devoted his career to interpret, execute, produce, and make music, but to coach young artists into their future careers through the "drum clinics" and workshops. These clinics have been taught in several countries in Latin America.

Because of his dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism, Zambrano counts on the support of various sponsoring brands such as REMO, DW, SABIAN, REGAL TIP, TELEFUNKEN, LAN MUSIC USA and PIÑA MUSICAL.

Photo: Gabriela Cartulano ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Gabriela Cartulano

Gabriela Cartulano is a Venezuelan singer and songwriter. From a very young age she has been in the music industry, recording with other artists, and recording voices in several television commercials. Her musical knowledge and her prodigious voice has allowed her to work with other singers and given her the opportunity to travel to several Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and some European countries such as England, Austria and Turkey.

She graduated as a Materials Engineer (Metallurgical) and then obtained a Master's Degree in Marketing Management with Honors at the same University. Additionally, she graduated as a certified announcer and performed musical studies in singing, composition and arrangements. In 2006, she won first place in the College Vocal Festival organized by the Simon Bolivar University, and the following year took third place in the National Festival of the Voice.

In 2012 produced her first musical project titled "No Me Rendire" (I Will Not Surrender) and has several internationally known special guests such as her husband Euro Zambrano, and other musicians. Gabriela loves good sound and therefore she prefers to use on her recordings and tours telefunken microphones because they give her the great sound she looks for.

Currently, Gabriela Cartulano has launched a concert tour in different cities of Venezuela, Argentina, United States and will soon visit the island of Puerto Rico and Colombia, where she will be sharing the inspirational message of this production.


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