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Photo: Enter the Haggis ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Indie Canadian World-Fusion Folk/Rock band Enter the Haggis recently released their tenth studio album, The Modest Revolution, created entirely on the contents of one day in one newspaper, the March 30, 2012, issue of The Globe and Mail. Based in Toronto, Ontario, ETH as the band is commonly known has been playing and recording since 1996. The album title was taken from the front page headline, an edition chosen at random and which yielded a rich panoply of insightful tunes.

"You start to see all of the little things that are so inspiring," Buchanan recounts of the writing experience. "Everything from the front page through to the personal stories that fill the obituaries, you realize there are so many stories going on every day. There's so much more than the talking heads on television or the headlines themselves." Take "Copper Leaves," Lewington's lament for the penny, which had been condemned to obsolescence in the Canadian federal budget, which happened to be the editorial focus of the The Globe and Mail that day. In the song, an anthropomorphized nickel screams "God, save me from this fate!" after reading of the penny's demise. It's this type of creatively that allowed the band to sculpt passionate prose out of the most mundane articles.

Photo: Enter the Haggis ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

ETH has always kept a vigorous concert schedule, playing in Canada, Europe, and the United States at a wide range of venues. They have made appearances at such events as the Folk im Schlosshof in Bonfeld, Germany; the Vancouver Island MusicFest in Courtenay, BC; Irish2000 in Albany, New York; The Philadelphia Folk Fest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the Texas Scottish Fest; Rocky Mountain Highland Games and Scottish Festival; the Ann Arbor Folk Fest in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Cayamo; MusikFest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; the world famous Irish Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; The Great American Irish Festival in Frankfort, NY; and the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, OH.

The band consists of Brian Buchanan (Vocals, fiddle, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, accordion); Craig Downie (Vocals, Highland bagpipes, Deger pipes, Harmonica, Guitar, Keyboard, Tin Whistle, Trumpet, Saxophone, Tambourine, Glockenspiel); Trevor Lewington (Vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, keyboard); Mark Abraham (Bass guitar, Vocals); and Bruce McCarthy (Drums). James Campbell, the band's drummer of eleven years announced his retirement from Enter the Haggis and professional music in 2010, citing his desire to work in air traffic control.

In addition to their latest release, ETH's albums include Let the Wind Blow High, 1998; Aerials, 2001; Live!, 2002; Casualties of Retail, 2005; Soapbox Heroes, 2006; Gutter Anthems, 2009; Whitelake, 2011; and a number of live concert albums.

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