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Photo: Derek Trucks ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

No one family in the industry today has done more to bring music to the masses, except the Jacksons, then that of Derek Trucks. Who is Derek Trucks and who is his family you ask. Well for those of you who may have been asleep at your radio, Derek Trucks is the prodigy nephew of Legendary Drummer Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers Band. For more than 40 years the Allman Brothers Band brought Southern Rock to the masses. Not only did Derek have a window seat to watch these moments in history, he helped create some as well.

Derek was considered a child prodigy and was playing by age 9. By his 12th birthday he had sat along side Legends like Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh, just to name a few. Derek, whose name is rumored to come from Duane Allman's side project with Eric Clapton 'Derek and the Dominos,' became an official member of The Allman Brothers Band in 1999 after touring with the band for over a decade. Though Derek had played his way into the history books by then, his most influential music had yet to be written.

While touring and recording 3 live albums with the Allman Brothers Band Derek formed his own band back in 1994, the birth of 'The Derek Trucks Band' had begun. Derek has become one of the guitar world's most respected players. Highly regarded with the slide, Trucks was ranked 81st in Rolling Stone Magazine's 2003 list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time", the youngest musician to be included at age 24. With 6 albums under their belt, 2010 won the Derek Trucks Band a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album for Already Free.

Photo: Butch Trucks, Derek's Uncle ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

For their Grammy Award winning album Derek and his bandmates used a Telefunken ELA M251E, loaned to them by Jason Scheuner, Tfunk's Artist Liaison, for all lead vocals, (except one track). "In creating that warm vintage tone with clarity you must first start with a mic that does that. And the ELA M251E gave us what we were looking for." The band liked the mic so much that they bought their own, which they also used to record his wife Susan Tedechi's record, which was nominated in the same category for the same Grammy that Derek's Record won! In the studio the band has started using the Telefunken M80 on the snare drum as well. "The M80 gives a snare sound that we've been looking for, its transparent and crisp but can handle the high SPL," Derek says. "It has low frequency characteristics that are flattering on any snare drum."

Derek's legacy was secured at birth, a child prodigy that has more veteran experience than most musicians twice his age. Whether recording or touring with the Allman Brothers Band or his band, when Derek picks up his guitar music history is being made. It's in his blood, it's in his soul. And at age 30, Derek and his band have plenty Grammy's to win and years of music to bring to us. We here at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik are proud to have him a part of the T-Funk family.


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