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Photo: Dirt Floor Studio ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Simply put, Dirt Floor is a home for creation. An escape from all the sterile environments that dominate the modern recording landscape. Founded in 2006 by Owner/Operator/Producer Eric Lichter, Dirt Floor Recording Studio is situated on two acres at the edge of the Cockaponset State Forest in Chester, Connecticut. As a successful musician in his own right, Eric truly understands the personal disappointment an artist feels in watching their hard work and hard-earned money go to waste in bloated, behemoth recording studios. Dirt Floor is not any of these things.

Dirt Floor is truly one of a kind. Located in a 1950's rambler-style house located at the end of a gravel and dirt road, with exposed beams above and wood floors and antique area rugs throughout, Dirt Floor has a distinct vibe that invites creativity. Vintage instruments line the walls, and through a large, beautifully framed studio window you can see Control Room A, filled with tape machines, racks of preamps and compressors, a cozy artist's couch, and the Toft console sitting atop a large studio desk. Further back, Control Room B is where you'll find the mastering/Pro Tools suite, and, on the other side of the studio window in Control Room B, the isolation room often used for vocals and the occasional drum track.

In addition to the main recording spaces, Dirt Floor also has a full kitchen located in the main house and an artist's cabin in an adjacent building. During breaks from recording, artists are welcome to spend their time in any of these areas or even take a walk through the grounds and enjoy the nature that's all around.

Photo: Dirt Floor Studio ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Eric Lichter started Dirt Floor in 2006 with little more than a dream, a handful of gear, and some dog-eared copies of Tape Op magazine. His only ambition was to make records the way he felt they should be made and work within the genres that he knew well (folk, roots, Americana, rock & roll, and singer-songwriter). After years of struggling to find the perfect studio and working with producers and engineers who never quite got it right, he decided to build this studio for musicians like himself. Eric says "Dirt Floor is not supposed to be everything for everyone, but if you're looking to make your own After The Gold Rush or Music From Big Pink, you're in the right place."

Dirt Floor has had three prior locations before settling into its woodsy new digs. Since moving into their new home in Chester, Eric has taken on two very important partners: Chief Engineer Steve Wytas, who provides in-house mastering and digital production, and Studio Manager Scott "Skip" Lyons, who handles the business end of things. Eric is also assisted by Co-Producer James Maple and Assistant Engineer Spencer Bowden. Seven successful years on, this story is just getting started. If you're looking to record your next masterpiece, Dirt Floor is the place for you. You'll be joining such artists as Elijah Ocean, Hannah Fair, Susan Cowsill, Jonah Tolchin, Elli Perry, Ian Fitzgerald, Poor Old Shine, Kerri Powers, and Quiet Life.


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