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Photo: Dave Aron ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

David Royce Aron was born August 29, 1964 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the son of 1950s be-bop trumpeter Al Aron and band director Dorothy Marshall. He is a multi-platinum recording engineer, live and studio mixer, record producer and musician who has worked with some of the most influential musical icons of the past two decades including 2 Pac, Snoop Dogg, Sublime, Wu-Tang, Prince, Nate Dogg, Perry Farrell, Bobby Brown, Dr. Dre and U2. Currently touring as Snoop Dogg's exclusive live mixer, Dave continues to pursue educational and business ventures worldwide.

Dave played clarinet in the high school's marching and jazz bands and, in his senior year, was voted most musically talented. In 1982, after attending Rutgers University for a year, he enrolled in the recording program at the University of Memphis, splitting his time between the recording studio and the football field as a walk on tight end. While in Memphis, he took an internship at WHBQ radio and Ardent Studios.

In 1987, he landed his first professional job at the world famous Sun Studios where he worked as studio manager and chief engineer. It wasn't long before he begain working with a major artist when U2 recorded some songs for the Rattle and Hum album. Three years later, Aron moved to Los Angeles, first working at Music Grinder Recording before he found his first major career-break when he landed a staff engineer position at Larrabee Sound.

Photo: Dave Aron ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

After working with multiple artists at Larrabee, Dave scored an engineering gig with Grammy Award-Winning artist, Prince, on My Name is Prince, Sexy M.F., and mixing an acoustic version of "7," which was released as a single. The clout that came of working with Prince secured his career in the music industry, but much more was yet to come. In 1993, Dave Aron began a long affiliation with Death Row Records. He served as engineer and mixer for Tupac Shakur's landmark album All Eyez on Me, Death Rows Greatest Hits, and all of Snoop Dogg's albums from Doggystyle to Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss. Thus commenced a long and continuing association with Snoop Dogg: Dave exclusively mixes all of Snoop Dogg's live performances. In 1996, when reggae-tinged rock band Sublime wanted a hip-hop producer at the desk for their major label eponymous debut Sublime, they hired Aron. His influence can be heard on their single "What I Got" which reached #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart and helped sell over five million copies of their breakout album. Dave also collaborated a Snoop Dogg and Sublime remix for "Doin Time" which was released in 2005.

Dave now owns his own studio in Los Angeles located high in the Hollywood Hills with a beautiful view of the city beyond. While continuing to work as Snoop Dogg's live mixer, he is also working on a series of instructional mixing DVD's entitled Platinum Hip Hop Mixing and educational seminars to help educate the generations of tomorrow about music, mixing, engineering and the music industry.

Dave and Snoop Dogg have worked with a custom TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik M80-WH. Aron commented, "The mic TELEFUNKEN made for Snoop is the highest fidelity mic I've ever used for a live performance. The hotter output level and directionality of the capsule eliminates ambience and creates unmatchable feedback rejection, resulting in the most direct, 'in your face' sound I've ever heard from a performance mic."

M80 Wireless Head

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M80 Chrome

The M80 Chrome features all of the same great sonic characteristics of the M80, finished in a brilliant chrome plating to shine on stage.

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ELA M 251E

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AK-47 MkII

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