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Adrian Tramontano, Kung Fu (Click To Enlarge Photo)

Have you ever just wanted to go somewhere to relax, have a good time, let your troubles just fade away and listen to some awesome bands after a long hard day? Well that's exactly what you can do when you head out to the Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club, which opened back in April, 2012. Every patron feels like a Captain at the Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club which is just the feel owner Mike Andre was going for after visiting boat-club eateries while sailing from Key West up to Block Island.

Besides slowly becoming one of Bridgeport's best Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar, Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club is becoming one of the best venues to play in and around Connecticut. Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club has become a regular venue for a lot of Connecticut local bands and bring in some out of state bands as well. Bands like: Kung Fu, Deep Banana Blackout, Bobby Paltauf Band, STIR FRIED with Buddy Cage, the Alan Evans Trio, EKL, Alejandro Meola, Back From Earth, Nick Di Maria Quartet and many more.

Johnny Durkin, Deep Banana Blackout (Click To Enlarge Photo)

Recently Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club had a special "Telefunken Funk Night" with members of various local Connecticut bands such as Kung Fu's very own Adrian Tramontano, Deep Banana Blackout's Johnny Durkin as well as many others. It was a night had by one and all as they jammed well into the night, song after song. On hand were several Telefunken mics including the M80, M81, M80-SH, M81-SH and M82 series mics.

Most communities support their local musicians, but here in Connecticut we take it out a whole new door. At the Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club you get to eat some of the best crab cakes, corn & crab chowder, lobster rolls, clam cakes, clam chowder, lobster bisque, shrimp cocktail, lobster tails, lobster claws and so much more. The best the Eastern Seaboard has to offer. All while sitting down in a great atmosphere, with great friends and listen to some extremely talented local and out of state musicians with a love for the music they play. And to keep them sounding the best they can they've chosen to use the best, Telefunken Elektroakustik microphones. Also a local business from South Windsor Connecticut.

So come on out and have some great food, meet some great friends, having a relaxing time and let your worries drift away while listening to some of the best local talent, playing through the best microphones, all at the Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club. We'll see you there!


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