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Recording Artist Brittany Opperman and Student Hannah Winograd with the CU29 Copperhead
Photo: Recording Artist Brittany Opperman and
Student Hannah Winograd with the CU29 Copperhead
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The Academy For Media Production (AMP) opened its doors in 2007 under the direction of Paul Chiacchierini, owner & chief engineer of Racetrack Sound Studios located in Gettysburg, PA. Paul designed the Academy to offer students the opportunity to learn in a real-world studio environment so they were fully prepared to tackle the realities of the professional audio industry upon graduating the program.

In 2010, AMP opened its doors to their new campus in Philadelphia and is under the direction of Shane Moore who has worked with artists such as The Myriad, Disciple, August Burns Red, and John Pizzarelli and many others. The facility boasts a 2,500 square foot performance space and is steeped in recording history. It was home to the World Café for many years and recorded the likes of Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and many others. This history made it the ideal location to build a new school and recording studio.

AMP offers instruction in both analog and digital technologies and includes the latest techniques for recording bands in studio and live performances, FOH, commercials & radio ads, sound effects & foley, and sound for television & film. The curriculum consists of five courses including: Audio Fundamentals, Digital Audio Technology, Recording Techniques & Live Sound, Production and Recording Concepts and Business Communications & Portfolio Development. Included in the Academy's arsenal of professional equipment is its line-up of TELEFUNKEN microphones. Students receive a TELEFUNKEN mic in their kit and also have access to a full array of mics in the school's inventory.

Instructor Paul Chiacchierini breaks down the CU29 after the Britany Opperman session
Photo: Instructor Paul Chiacchierini
breaks down the CU29 after the
Britany Opperman session
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By the end of the program, students are fully trained in all facets of the recording process and are ready to apply their skills in a real-world setting. What makes the curriculum unique is its focus on equipping the students with the skills necessary to navigate through the industry and operate their own studio. AMP offers both full-time day and part-time evening programs and students can complete their training in 20 weeks or 40 weeks respectively. Students receive over 318 hours of training in the technical, artistic, and business aspects of the audio industry.

AMP is the only private audio school in Pennsylvania to be licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools and graduates receive an official diploma recognized by the PA Dept. of Education.

The Academy For Media Production
18 Carlisle Street, Suite 109
Gettysburg, PA 17325

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Brittany Opperman with the CU29 Student Zane Neumann hooking in the CU29 for a vox session Instructor David Bowden showing proper mic position with the CU29 Hannah Winograd setting up the CU29 for the Brittany Opperman session Graduate Joe VanAulen and his band do a vocal and electric guitar overdub for the Part-Time class
Student Mike Einsig sets up the M80 for the guitar amp and Student Tim Hussman sets up the CU29 for the vocals Zane and Tim break down the CU29

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