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Photo: Alejandro Lerner ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina last century, Alejandro Federico Lerner studied classical piano, orchestration and jazz in Buenos Aires and New York. As an artist he has recorded 18 albums and sold several million records in Latin America and Spain.

As a composer he has worked with artists such as Carlos Santana, Carole King, David Foster, Air Supply, Gino Vanelli, Luis Miguel, Mercedes Sosa, Migue Rios, Victor Manuelle, and most of the greatest artists in Spanish speaking music. His fame and recognition as both a songwriter and performer have spread throughout South America, and, with his 2002 collaboration with Carlos Santana on the song "Hoy Es Adiós" (which appears on Santana's hugely successful Shaman album), his fame has now spread north of the border to the USA.

He has also composed songs in Spanish for Disney movies like Chicken Little and High School Music Latin. Alejandro coproduced with his long time friend, Humberto Gatica, the record Paul Anka and Friends where he sang and worked with artists like Celine Dion, Tom Jones, the Bee Gees, and Ricky Martin. He has received 7 Latin Grammy nominations, 2 ASCAP Awards, and many other awards — too many with no place to store them.

In 1981, Lerner formed a band called la Magia, playing along with bass player Hernán Magiano, guitarist Damián Figueroa, saxophonist Oscar Kreimer, and drummer Luis Querón. La Magia released Alejandro Lerner y La Magia in 1982. The debut album was a resounding success, spawning a pair of lifelong hits, "Por un Minuto de Amor" and "Nena Neurótica," but a year later he decided to start his solo career, releasing Todo a Pulmón that same year and Lernertres in 1984. These two albums were even more successful than his first, spawning the respective hits "Todo a Pulmón" and "No Hace Falta Que Lo Digas." A couple albums of archival material, Sus Primeras Canciones (1984) and Concierto (1985), were released in the wake of his early-'80s breakthrough success. In the meantime, the singer/songwriter took a three-year break, not releasing an album of new material until Algo Que Decir (1987), an independently released effort.

Lerner commenced working with BMG in 1988, producing the albums Canciones (1988), Entre Lineas (1990), Amor Infinito (1992), Permiso de Volar (1994), and La Magia Continúa (1995). In 1996 Alejandro switched major labels, moving to Universal for the release of his later albums such as Volver a Empezar (1997), Si Quieres Saber Quién Soy (2000), and Buen Viaje (2003). Universal also released a career retrospective, 20 Años (1999), and a live album, Lerner Vivo (2002).

Photo: Manzanero/Lerner ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

He just released his latest record Enojado with 2 Grammy nominations as best song of the year and best male pop album and another record named Songs for Child People to support the funding a children's hospital in his country. He produced a benefit concert for UNICEF supporting children's rights with many major Latin artists in Panama City. Alejandro is now touring around Latin America and working on a film score for a Lions Gate and Televisa Project.

Now with Telefunken, Alejandro is preparing a Latin American tour with two pianos with legendary Mexican composer Armando Manzanero while he is still touring the globe with his band. After several million albums and CDs sold sang by top Latin American artists like Santana and Luis Miguel, and artists like Carole King and Celine Dion, he is eager to continue his journey giving his best using the best in microphones, using Telefunken mics exclusively. He says, "As I begun to sing on my Telefunken AK-47 I noticed its unbelievable smoothness and musicality. All the frequencies I need are there, it sounds full and clear and even better than natural. It makes me feel very comfortable with a great sound. My voice has the body and presence I always look for in a mic. Thanks Telefunken!"

Alejandro thanks his Mother for her undying support!

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