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Photo: Andrew Cole ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Every so often there comes along an artist that everyone, from critics to fans alike, can agree is a unique breath of fresh air in our time. Such is the case with the Magic of Andrew Cole. Andrew is one of those artists that is hard to put a label on. The more of Andrew you listen for that label the more you decide . . . why label it him at all. Boiling down to the hard facts . . . Andrew is in a category all by himself.

Born in Toronto, Andrew is the product of a nomadic background as he spent his childhood following his parents to Liverpool, Wales, Las Vegas, Toronto and Florida. Andrew rarely had an opportunity to set down roots. It's this background of many experiences that brings Andrew's songs their unique flavor, tone and style. A natural born singer with a remarkable range of expression, Andrew grew up cutting his teeth on other people's songs. Soon he was inspired to write his own.

Andrew Cole Video Diary
Video: Video Diary ( Click To Watch Video )

After spending some time wrestling with the idea of being a musician in the public eye, Andrew finally embraced his artistic path in life and took to the stage to find his own voice. Andrew spent years honing his substantial vocal chops by playing in pubs up to four nights a week. It's this experience that gives him the tone, control and expression of a seasoned veteran. It's also the reason why Canadian rock icon Tom Cochrane is quoted as saying Andrew has "a voice other singers would die for."

Photo: Andrew Cole ( Click To Enlarge Photo )

Andrew's album "Why We Wonder" has burned up the charts with singles like "Out of Time," "My Lonely" and "All You Need." Andrew has become quite the buzz among critics, fans and musicians circles over this past year. The album was recorded over two years in various studios in Toronto and at the Wire Recording Studio in Austin, Texas, Why We Wonder balances elements of acoustic pop, folk and all out rock, a signature mix of acoustic and electric textures enhanced by lush soundscapes and rich string and Mellotron arrangements.

Why We Wonder is honest and fearless - a seamless blend of styles that showcases a level of comfort and skill that many artists, even those with far more experience, might well envy. To help Andrew bring his unique sound to the masses he has added these TELEFUNKEN-Elektroakustik mics to his arsonal: M80, U47, U48, Ela M 251 & Ela M 260. We welcome Andrew to the TFunk family and look forward to hearing what Andrew is up to next.


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