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Black Diamond Series Vacuum Tubes

TELEFUNKEN vacuum tubes have been the benchmark of excellence in all audio applications, both production and reproduction, for many decades. This rich history continues with the introduction of new production tubes from TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, in partnership with JJ Tubes from the Carpathian Mountains of Cadca in Slovakia.

Each tube is meticulously measured for all critical parameters of performance including transconductance, gain, noise, and microphonics. All TELEFUNKEN branded tubes are hand picked to be the best examples of Eastern European construction in the proud tradition with which the name TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has become synonymous.

In addition to the rigorous testing procedure, all new production TELEFUNKEN tubes are cryogenically treated to ensure durability, and subjected to an extended burn-in period to ensure superior stability. The tubes are re-measured subsequent to burn-in in order to guarantee that only the best, lowest noise tubes are offered for purchase through your TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik reseller.


ECC83-TK (12AX7)

Developed by RCA and released in September of 1947, the 12AX7 is a high gain / low noise tube that is the most popular tube used in input / inter-stage audio amplifiers. The dual triode design makes the 12AX7 compact, relatively inexpensive, and produces a high quality full frequency response....

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The ECC82 is a dual triode vacuum tube with medium gain and low noise characteristics, making it ideal for hi-fi audio equipment and instrument amplification. Commonly used as a low-noise line amplifier, driver, and phase inverter in push-pull amplifier circuits, it can replace an ECC81/12AX7....

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E88CC-TK (6922)

Also known as the 6922, the E88CC was originally targeted for test equipment and radar. The E88CC has medium gain, low noise and is a favorite for tight sounding audio input stages. There are some that will argue that the E88CC is the best sounding input tube ever designed....

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The EL-34 is smaller in diameter and taller than the 6L6, but it runs on a higher plate voltage, which gives the EL-34 its unique output stage properties. The EL-34 is a high output pentode tube as opposed to other output tubes like the 6L6 and the 6550, which are beam tetrode tubes....

Read More: EL34-TK


Originally designed for the output stages of audio frequency amplifiers, the EL-84 can deliver up to 17 watts. Commonly found in smaller guitar amps, this pentode tube can really deliver. In many ways it is similar to the EL-34 but without the output "horse power"....

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The 6L6 was developed more than 70 years ago as the first power tetrode. It produced 19 watts of power, and was the first "beam power tube". The 6L6 was first developed as an alternative to the high output pentode designs, which Phillips had under patent at the time....

Read More: 6L6GC-TK


Originally released in 1937 by RCA, the 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube ideal for use in hi-fi audio equipment and music instrument amplifiers. The 6V6 has been used in popular guitar amplifiers such as the Fender Champ, Princeton Reverb, and Deluxe Reverb for decades....

Read More: 6V6-TK


Tung-Sol developed the 6550 in 1955 for use as a servo amplifier and in industrial applications. Based on the 6L6, the 6550 was designed to have more gain than the 6L6, and better stability....

Read More: 6550-TK


The KT88-TK is a beam-power tetrode that shares similar applications as the 6L6 and EL34, and is one of the largest tubes in its class. Originally introduced by GEC in 1956, it became competition for the American-made 6550, but with the ability to handle a much higher plate voltage of up to 800....

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The GZ-34 isn't a very talked about tube, but it is one of the most common rectifier tubes found in audio, especially in guitar amps. Rectifier tubes were some of the very first tubes to be invented since their purpose is one of the first requirements in electronic and audio design....

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Replacement Kits

Sets of matched tubes for ideal replacements, each kit selected for specific amps. To find the right kit, use our Look Up by Amp search....

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Microphone Replacement Tubes

Replacement tubes for TELEFUNKEN U47/48, ELA M251, ELA M 260, AK-47 MkII, C-12, CU-29, AR-51 and AR-70 mics available through the TELEFUNKEN Online Store.

GE 5654W

GE 5654W replacement vacuum tube for use in the TELEFUNKEN CU-29 microphones



GE ECC81 replacement vacuum tube for use in the TELEFUNKEN AR-51 and AR-70 STEREO microphones


Phillips Raytheon 5840

5840 replacement vacuum tube for the TELEFUNKEN AK-47mkII and ELA M 260 microphones



VF14K Vacuum Tube for use in the TELEFUNKEN or NEUMANN U47 or U48 microphones


Private New Old Stock

During the natural course of testing and development of TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphones, no new model could be designed, tweaked, or manufactured to the exacting and consistent standards without a stable source of quality vacuum tubes. (Read more / Order online....)


This early 1970s military spec General Electric [GE] 6201 [a.k.a JAN-12AT7WA] tube has gray wing plates with copper grid posts, extra support rods, and a large halo getter.


GE JAN 5751

Based on the same pin out configuration of the 12AX7, the 5751 was designed with less gain in favor of lower noise and microphonics.


National 12AT7WA

National rebranded tubes, mainly from the Mullard and Raytheon factories. The "WA" designation means that this VHF [Very High Frequency] dual triode is a select version that is deemed acceptable for military applications.


Philips ECG 12AT7WC

The Philips 12AT7WC was generally used as both a driver tube in the pre-amp stage of a multi-stage amplifier as well as phase inverter applications in Class B [push - pull] amplifier circuits.



The non-diamond base TELEFUNKEN ECC801S are made to the highest standards for military and navy applications. The German made ECC801S was made to the strictest tolerance and became the tube of choice for German / Austrian "Brown Book" broadcast standard microphone pre-amplifiers


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