R-F-T Series


The AR-51 provides a smooth mid-range, open top end, and solid, well-balanced low frequency ...

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AK-47 MkII

The AK-47 MkII is a remarkably hi-fidelity microphone that is reminiscent of a cross between ...

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CU-29 "Copperhead"

The CU-29 'Copperhead' offers a warm, well-rounded low end accented by a delicate and intima...

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AR-70 Stereo

The AR-70 Stereo is an advanced stereo version of our popular AR-51 tube condenser microphone....

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R-F-T Stereo Sets

AR-51 Stereo Set

A spectacular sounding microphone with a smooth mid-range, open top end, and a solid, well-balanced ...

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AK-47 MkII Stereo Set

A uniquely voiced microphone with superior high frequency detail coupled with rich low-end qualities...

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CU-29 "Copperhead" Set

You can be sure that you will get identical responses from each microphone for the most accurate stereo...

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