Diamond Series

ELA M 251

The TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251 amplifier circuit was originally built to satisfy the standardized requirements of the German and Austrian ...

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ELA M 251E

Arguably the most beautiful sounding microphone ever produced, the TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251E has been featured on countless hits...

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ELA M 251T

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik introduces the new ELA M 251 T, a microphone featuring the newly developed...

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Every great singer deserves an amazing microphone, and for more than 60 years the U47 has been that...

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According to the book Recording The Beatles, the U48 was one of George Martin's favorite microphones...

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If there were ever a microphone that was the epitome of classic, hi-fidelity sound, it would be the

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Diamond Stereo Sets

ELA M 251E Stereo Set

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is proud to offer matched stereo sets of their ELA M 251E large diaphragm tube...

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U47/48 Studio/Stereo Sets

The classic U47 and U48 in matched sets with one dual power supply for stereo X/Y, M/S and A/B recording.

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C12 Stereo Set

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is proud to offer matched stereo sets of the C12

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R-F-T Series


The AR-51 provides a smooth mid-range, open top end, and solid, well-balanced low frequency ...

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AK-47 MkII

The AK-47 MkII is a remarkably hi-fidelity microphone that is reminiscent of a cross between ...

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CU-29 "Copperhead"

The CU-29 'Copperhead' offers a warm, well-rounded low end accented by a delicate and intima...

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AR-70 Stereo

The AR-70 Stereo is an advanced stereo version of our popular AR-51 tube condenser microphone....

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R-F-T Stereo Sets

AR-51 Stereo Set

A spectacular sounding microphone with a smooth mid-range, open top end, and a solid, well-balanced ...

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AK-47 MkII Stereo Set

A uniquely voiced microphone with superior high frequency detail coupled with rich low-end qualities...

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CU-29 "Copperhead" Set

You can be sure that you will get identical responses from each microphone for the most accurate stereo...

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ELA M 260 Tube Series

ELA M 260

The small diaphragm ELA M 260 is arguably one of the industry's finest acoustic and classical...

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ELA M 260 Stereo Sets

The ELA M 260 Field Recording Set for on-location field recording, and the ELA M 260 Tube Stereo matches two M 260 mics ...

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ELA M 260 Tri-Mono Sets

The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik TRI-MONO package for the ELA M 260 system consists of 3 ELA M 260 microphones ...

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Dynamic Series

M80 Dynamic

Featuring a wider frequency response and higher SPL capabilities the M80 delivers condenser-like performance in a rugged dynamic design, produc...

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M80 SH Dynamic

For use on snare drum and vocal applications where a lower profile microphone with right angle XLR cable is needed . . ....

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M80 WH Wireless Capsule

The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik M80 Dynamic microphone has rapidly become a new standard for live performance and stage use...

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M81 Dynamic

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has created the M81 to give the user a superior alternative to the midrange-laden character of . . ....

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M81 SH Dynamic

The M81-SH is great for taming brighter vocals, guitar tones, and fattening up toms, percussion, horns and thinner sounding sources . . ....

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M81 WH Wireless Capsule

Designed for use with the Shure® brand wireless microphone transmitters, the TELEFUNKEN Elektroaukustik M81-WH is a...

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M82 Dynamic

The M82 is an end-address microphone and features two separate EQ switches, KICK EQ and HIGH BOOST, which yield four unique settings, giving...

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M82 Broadcast Package

the M82 was created to cut through the crowded market competition to provide users with the superior alternative to the industry-standard la...

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DD4 & DD5 Drum Packs

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has combined the three unique voices of its TEC Award winning Dynamic Series microphone line, and packaged them as...

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Custom Shop

M80 Solid Color

The M80 dynamic mic available in multiple solid colors.

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M80 Metal (Gold/Silver)

The M80 dynamic mic available in gold or silver.

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M80 Wood (Oak/Cherry)

The M80 dynamic mic available in oak and cherry wood grain.

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M80 Gold

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