Live From The Lab

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has opened the vault on video and audio recordings made at the company's facility and will release the extensive archive of live performances on their YouTube and Soundcloud channels weekly for the next year.

We've officially dubbed this the "Live From The Lab" Series, as these performances are recorded exclusively with TELEFUNKEN microphones on a 25' x 50' soundstage, which is flanked by tech benches that employees use to build and assemble the microphones.

Alan Venitosh, Director of Operations, explained: "The concept is that we have developed a work space that allows our microphones to be designed, built and tested all within a recording studio and sound stage environment. Touring and local musicians are the test subjects and our staff the audio scientists in the name of research and development of our products."

Please enjoy the video and presentation. Keep in mind video buffering times depend on your Internet Connection and they vary from country to country in download speeds. Please be patient with load time as some files may be large file to ensure quality. Please report any broken links you may find.

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